Eminem’s Walk on Water Teaser Released

Purnima Gupta
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Looks like the rapper is on a releasing spree. Eminem has just released the video teaser of “Walk on Water” on 20th December 2017. Just a few days away from Christmas.

Fans were already rejoicing about his recently released album “Revival”. Since album was considered a good come back launchpad for the rapper. There are over a million views of the album Revival over YouTube. After releasing the album Revival, Eminem is not ready to just sit back.

Revival is Eminem’s ninth album which was released on 15th December 2017. Statistically speaking, the album is doing fantastic on Billboard 200 Album Chart. As per the latest entertainment news, Revival is gaining positions quickly and is all set to become no. 1 in coming weeks.

Now, the singer is ready with another mind jolting creation “Walk on Water”. With this video teaser, it seems as if Eminem is aiming for a high.  It has garnered some decent views on YouTube. Moreover, the intensity of Eminem in the video looks infectious. You can check out the teaser below:

Eminem’s another brilliant creation “Walk on Water” music video is expected to release soon. The release date has not been confirmed as yet.

In the teaser video of Walk on Water, Eminem is seen typing hysterically on the typewriter. The screenplay of the teaser looks both interesting and intriguing. After watching, we are sure that the viewers will be left with tons of questions in their minds.

As per the latest entertainment news, the original track from the album “Walk on Water” features Beyonce Knowles. Apparently, Adele was the first choice for the music video however, Beyonce was pinned to do the honor. The audio of the album is already available on Vevo’s Eminem channel on Youtube. The song is a masterpiece. You can check out the audio of the song here –

Hope you like both the videos. Please share your comments in the section below.

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