Electra Jailbreak: New App Sileo To Replace Cydia

Yves Amodia
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The Electra jailbreak team has long hinted that they want a new app that will serve as a strong alternative to the Cydia. Cydia, while seen as an outdated jailbreak app, is arguably one of the most effective applications of its kind out there. Because of this, there is a hesitance from those that do jailbreaks to switch to other platforms. However, it looks like the developers and hackers in the Electra team have finally gotten around to making that much-needed updated app.

Electra jailbreak with an alternative app

The Electra jailbreak team has released a preview of Sileo, the app that will replace Cydia. This new app can run on iPad with limited functionality as it is still not finished. As of now, the preview file only enables the users to add APT-based repositories to the platform.

The official, complete release of the Sileo will be announced soon, according to iClarified.The transition for Cydia users is expected to commence within the next few months.

While it is an entirely different installation package, Sileo does not present drastic changes to the visuals of the Cydia. In fact, it has a familiar look that will make it easy to navigate.

It seems that there is a lot at stake with this new app. Sileo is the first legitimate challenger to the dominance of the Cydia. If the former becomes a success, the Electra team can finally remove Cydia from the equation, which it has been trying to do for years.

Why it took this long

The replacement for the Cydia is long overdue. After all, Saurik is no longer officially maintaining and servicing the jailbreaking platform. Previous attempts to replace the app failed mainly because the alternatives were downright terrible.

Will you still be doing an Electra jailbreak even with the new app? Do you think Sileo will offer improvements to the jailbreaking process? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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