Easy Step By Step Guide On How To Jailbreak iOS 12-iOS 12.1.2 Using RootlessJB

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Gather around, jailbreak fans. We are presenting a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 using RootlessJB in the easiest way.

But First… Let’s Talk About The RootlessJB

Last weekend, iOS, web and tweak developer Jake James (@Jakeshacks) announced via Twitter the release of the RootlessJB 3.0. At that time, the jailbreak tool only offers initial support for A9, A10 and A11 devices running iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2. In addition to that, it didn’t have tweaks and code injection, and it spawns SHH via dropbear which is why he noted that this tool is intended for developers only.

He followed it up with another announcement saying that the support for A12 is coming but didn’t say when because he needed more time to work on it. Moreover, support for A7 and A8 devices will come as well once there’s an exploit.

A few days later, James announced the release of the RootlessJB 3.1. This time around the said jailbreak tool is capable of tweaking SpringBoard and unsandboxed apps. Its preference loader is broken, it has SSH, and advises not to overload it with tweaks. There were other things he noted as well.

Jailbreaking iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 using RootlessJB

Redmond Pie published a step-by-step guide on how to iOS 12 (without root access) on your iPhone or iPad using the new RootlessJB the easy way. Please note that this is only available for anything up to iOS 12.1.2 on an iPhone 6s all the way to the iPhone X. Moreover, any iPad that doesn’t feature an A12 Bionic chip or newer will be fine as well.

Step No. 1

Go to jailbreaks.fun on your iPhone or iPad and search for “rootlessJB”. Once you’ve found it, tap the “Get” button and wait until the download is complete. You will also have to install it.

Step No. 2

After downloading and installing it on your device, open up the Settings app. There, head over to General > Device Management and tap the newly added developer name. You’ll need to trust the certificate to progress.

Step No. 3

Activate AirPlane mode and then open rootlessJB. After that, ensure that the “Tweaks” toggle is enabled and then tap the “Jailbreak” button.


Step No. 4

Wait until the process is completed. Once it’s done, your device will respring. If that happens, then it means you’ve successfully jailbroken your device. But if your device restarts, then that means something went wrong and you will have to try again.

A Word Of Advise

Jailbreaking is fun and all. However, please do think twice before jailbreaking your device because it can potentially harm it. Just to be safe, those who are into jailbreaking usually have an extra device that’s for jailbreaking purposes only.

With that being said, please note that we, 73Buzz, are not responsible in case anything happens to your advice. Nevertheless, we hope you succeed in jailbreaking. Good luck.

What are your thoughts about the step-by-step guide about iOS 12 Jailbreak? Will you try it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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