EastEnders Stuns with Massive Spoilers For New Year

Purnima Gupta
6:11 PM

High Alert for EastEnders fans on New Year! The show released some nail-biting spoilers for the New Year’s Day. We are sure that the upcoming episodes will unleash some great drama for fans out there.

EastEnders spoilers reveal a heist planned by Aidan and group. The group is on to execute a heist as per the plan. As per the latest entertainment news, Aidan looks oblivious to the consequences of the heist. Further, spoilers show Ben Mitchell in deep waters. Looks like Ben will departure soon enough as soon as the next episodes air.

According to Mirror, Mick’s character will show changed shades. He is seen calling back on Aidan to join him. Aidan gives him a green signal but the group members are harboring distrust for each other. Mick and Vincent are mutually getting ready to back each other against fallout with Aidan. Shirley looks on worriedly as Phil is seen hiding a gun as per spoilers in the latest entertainment news.

Next follows an explosion going off near the cellar towards the Square. Max is seen getting punched from Martin Fowler. Keanu Taylor and Mick are running away while Shirley is seen holding a horrified Linda. In the last portion of the EastEnders spoiler, Ben Mitchell is looking up only to be surprised by someone, as reported by Express.

Fans are going gaga over the released spoilers. Twitter is abuzz with fan tweets about EastEnders. Fans are predicting what next could come up in the show. Some fan theories are predicting the departure of Ben Mitchell due to Aidan’s plan. While some fans are pinning on Luke’s comeback leading to Ben’s departure.


EastEnders has a large fan base. It is one of the longest-running shows of all time in the UK. The first episode of EastEnders released back in 1985 and was produced by BBC Studios. Till now, the show has completed a massive run of total 5620 episodes.

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