EastEnders Spoiler Alert: Will Mick Carter Die After Being Shot?

Nabanita Maji
5:51 PM

The 2018 New Year has kick-started on a bad note for EastEnders fans. The latest entertainment news has brought an unexpected twist in the plot after Danny Dyer aka Mick Carter apparently gets killed in the recent episode.

The first episode of 2018 witnessed an apparent criminal gunning down Carter that might have possibly killed him. In a horrific twist, Carter had to face “gun-point standoff with a van full of pistol-toting men” when one of them open fires at him. Witnessing this, Linda screams, leaving the viewers perplexed.

Who killed Mick Carter?

According to Metro.co.uk, the killer might be Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway aka Tony Clay. Recalling the episode when Mick received a message from Halfway, who is his son’s friend, the latest entertainment news claim that the gunner can quite possibly be Callum.

As per the Daily Star, the surprising New Year episode of EastEnders has made several viewers build up their own theories. One of the fans claimed that it could be Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite), who plotted the whole conspiracy and someone “having their guts for garters”. Mel, who was away for 16 long years, promised to act darker and more dangerous as she returned.

“Mel is much more damaged and darker. You don’t really know what’s happened to her in the 16 years away. She’s been through a whole other world which has messed her up as well, you see some of it, but not all of it”, she said.

The actress also revealed that she is back with a bang and this time she has a purpose. She is up for the right game and will play it well to achieve her goals. So, now the big question remains- Is Mike Carter dead? While we are still not sure about the answer, a lot of people are assuming that Carter is still alive but perhaps injured.


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