EA CEO Weighs In PS5 And Xbox Two "Scarlett" Rumors, Talks About Project Atlas

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There has been a lot of talk regarding Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation gaming consoles – both rumors and official discussions. Microsoft confirmed back at E3 2018 that the next Xbox – allegedly known as Xbox Two “Scarlett” – is currently in development. On the other hand, Sony discussed the next-gen PlayStation i.e. PS5, stating that it’s “necessary” for the next future.

So, what new details we have about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two? Well, this time around, during an earnings call to investors, EA CEO Andrew Wilson weighed in on all the next-gen talk and also talked about what he couldn’t talk about. In addition to that, he also talked about Project Atlas.

Addressing The Rumors

The CEO pointed out that there are a few articles out there that talks about what the PS5 and Xbox could be and when are they going to be released.

There are a few articles out there; a few rumors; and a little hearsay as to what [the new consoles are] and when they’re coming and what they might be.

Indeed, there have been articles talking about the rumors concerning either the PS5 or Xbox Two, like what the consoles are or when are they coming out. Take the PlayStation 5 for example. Last September, there have been at least two rumors that we are aware of.

One was from Window Central’s Jez Corden. He posted a tweet saying that he has heard rumors about Sony possibly working on a big infrastructure/platform update for PlayStation Network in time for the PS5.

The other rumor came from Japanese analytical firm Ace Securities. The company believes that the PlayStation 5 will be introduced at the end of 2019.

Continuing on with the earnings call, EA’s CEO said,

I don’t think we’re in a position today to have a conversation about that. But just know that we’ve worked with Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo for many, many years and we look forward to working with them for many, many years more, even if we all collectively seek to move–either some portion of or all of our experiences – to the cloud.

Speaking of cloud computing, last September, AMD executive director, and president Lisa Su spoke with CNBC. On the interview, she confirmed that they are collaborating closely in the manufacturing of the new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles and that both machines will use a “secret formula” in their respective solutions. But what’s really interesting was what she said about cloud-computing:

We very, very much appreciate our partnerships with all of our key customers. Microsoft with Windows and game consoles. We have a vision of where cloud computing is going, and we’re close on that with them.

Project Atlas

On the same call, EA CEO also talked about the Project Atlas. He said:

As we shared yesterday, we’ve also been developing Project Atlas, bringing together Frostbite with an expanding suite of digital services into a fully integrated platform that will enable us to more efficiently create and execute on new games that deliver amazing scalable, social, and deeply interactive experiences.”

Just recently, EA chief technology officer Ken Moss revealed Project Atlas to which he described on a lengthy post as a vision for a cloud-native gaming platform. Basically, it is a game platform built on AI and cloud computing – according to PC Gamer.

As for Frostbite, it is a video game engine developed by EA DICE and is now managed by Frostbite Labs. It’s designed for cross-platform use on Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

What can you about all these cloud-computing talks? It seems like tech companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and EA are heavily invested in this technology. Tell us in the comment section below.

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