E3 2018 Update: Floor Maps Show Huge Area For Sony and Nintendo

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The E3 2018 is just a few weeks away and as the event gets near and near more details are surfacing. Recently, a floor map has been revealed showing huge showcase are for Sony and Nintendo.

The said E3 floor map has surfaced at Resetera and it has the following details:

Slide 1/3: South Hall

Credit- Resetera

Majority of the third-party action will be happening in the South Hall at this year’s E3. It seems that Bethesda and Square Enix will have the biggest area their boots, even though Activision, Ubisoft, and Capcom aren’t too far in arrears. Bandai Namco will also have a sizable space, while the Warner Bros. will be in the center.

The ESL Arena will also be housed in the South Hall and there will be smaller booths for Frontier Developments, Twitch, Take-Two and Microsoft’s Mixer booth. It is also worth noting that the rest of Microsoft’s E3 content will be at its Fanfest event which is just a bit of walk down from the convention center. Interestingly Epic Games’ booth appears to be big, thus it’s safe to assume that the company will show something big during E3 2018.

Slide 2/3: West Hall

Credit- Resetera

Moving on to the West Hall, it seems that this location will be dominated by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Nintendo of America. It can be recalled that both companies will showcase huge titles. In fact, Nintendo will likely have a colossal-sized set-up for Super Smash Bros., which will hit the Nintendo Switch this year.

Other tech companies that will be positioned in the West Hall include GungHo Online Entertainment, which will present new games. XSEED will also be situated there showcasing some great import favorites like Earth Defense Force 5. Atlus/Sega and Focus Home Interactive will also have their respective places at West all.

Slide 3/3: Concourse Hall

Credit- Resetera

This hall, which links the West and South Halls, will be mainly designated for distributors and press. Smaller firms will also be present in some of the spaces at the Concourse Hall, though the companies’ names aren’t shown in the rooms themselves.

For example, Starbreeze will be positioned above the West Hall. Starbreeze will possibly be showing off its imminent Overkill’s The Walking Dead and whatever it has planned next to Payday 2. Unluckily, it is still unknown if it will be open to the public, but the company might have something in the facade of the West Hall entrance, similar to the previous years.

The Japanese tech giant, Nintendo also seems to be taking up some space in a theater room. But then, it’s still unknown what it’ll be showcasing there, but more possibly it’ll be meant for private conferences for Super Smash Bros. and perchance Metroid Prime 4. But that’s just a smart guess and is still advised to take with skepticism.

For the E3 2018 schedule, the event will take place starting from June 12 up until 14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What are you excited about with the E3 2018? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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