E3 2018 Games Could Feature Games For The Next Generation Consoles: PlayStaion 5 and Xbox Two

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E3 is the biggest event in the gaming industry and held each year featuring new games, consoles and everything useful in the gaming world. In the recent E3 expo, developers introduced some of the new upcoming games that we will be playing in the near future. It is not surprising seeing high-quality games given the technology and the advancement we got and clearly, the E3 2018 is the start of the new era for our games.

Game demos and footage that was introduced in the recent event was something to look forward to. Better graphics, better gameplay and overall better experience for gamers. If we think this one clearly, it might mean that some of the games featured at the event could be a possible bridge from today’s console to the next generation.

News floating around that the new age of consoles i.e. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will drop by in 2020 and many game studios and developers are now looking ahead for the best step on transitioning from the current setup to the next gen. Let’s take a look at what we have in the recently unveiled games and see if we are making sense.

Microsoft and 343 Industries provided possibly the best Halo in the franchise. Graphics wise is on another level and the details are stunning. The developers also created a new game engine that will serve the upcoming Halo installment and took years to develop and only fitting to make some buffer for the future in case the existing game consoles will move to the next ladder and for now, the game is exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10 users only.

Another big player in the gaming industry, Bethesda, also provided us with a glimpse of the games that they were developing. From the makers of Skyrim, one of the biggest games that landed in the community, they unveiled Elder Scroll 6 and Starfield.

The two games featured a breath-taking scenery, a possible location or universe of the Elder Scroll world and the other one gave us a view of a planet, a space station in the outer space and a space warp sucking the space station in. The two teasers were short, around a minute or two, but were spectacular. 

The longtime development for these games also might be a way for the developers to insert something in the game that will act as another stepping stone to the next console in 2020. For now, the release date of Elder Scroll 6 would be this fall but Starfield will not become available this year. It might be developed as a move to the next phase of consoles like PS5 or Xbox 2. 

One game that also made into the list is Cyberpunk 2077 and its developer CD Projekt Red. The news about this game is around the E3 since 2012 but finally, we are able to see what this game would look like once it is out. 

The other thing to look out for this game is the release date. The company still haven’t disclosed any details yet on when it will become available to the public but many people believe that this game will be scheduled for 2019 or 2020 which is another window for the PS5 or Xbox Two and might be the reason why there was a long-time development involved for the game.

The two console giants, Sony and Microsoft are well known to think forward beyond anyone and might be considering the next level. As per the developers, they will be the first set of people that will know about the plans of these console makers and as a consumer, things are looking nice and the future is bright for the gaming industry.

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