Durability Test Of iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, iPad Pro And Nokia 3310

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Have you ever witnessed, your phone getting shattered into pieces? Many of us have gone through this trauma. It is nothing unusual for us to lose our favorite device in a fall or a slip. Most of these smartphones are vulnerable to falls while some survive miraculously.

Major smartphone making companies – Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson have implemented best technologies to make their products durable enough. Packed with hordes of features, our smartphone is usually delicate devices which come with instructions for care and sustenance. However, all smart devices are breakable and we need to be very careful when operating them. Understanding what a smartphone goes through after a fall, we are listing out some of the best durability tests of popular smart devices.

Today, we are going to present our list of most wanted smart devices in the consumer market.

See how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 survives the fall from 1000 feet here:

So, how does it make you feel about this device from Samsung? It was incredible to see the phone survived a fall from 1000 feet and land on its back. After the fall, all it lost was its back cover, cameras, and flashlight. The front side of the phone was totally intact since it landed on the back side. It scored a 9.0/10 in the durability test here.

Let us now show you how iPad Pro survived fall from 275 meters!

The iPad Pro survived the huge fall here but could only score 6.5 on durability scale. While it did not land on its face yet the display was completely damaged leaving the home button non-working. The front facing camera was also damaged entirely. Though the phone was getting connected to computer, speaker, microphone and vibration motor was intact. Also, the inbuilt app Siri was working perfectly fine.

Here is the test of iPhone X from 1000 feet

So you watched how incredibly iPhone X survived the fall from 1000 feet! As it landed on its backside, the back cover was completely shattered into small pieces. But surprisingly, with an impact of that kind, the front side was 100% functional. The display, camera, recording, touch and every other application was working fine despite a huge impact of 1000 feet fall. And that is the reason why iPhone X scored a whopping 9.0/10 on the durability test.

Presenting here the fall test of the earliest phones by Nokia. Check out the competition between Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 here

Wow, so this video here presented amazing competition between Nokia 3310 and new Nokia 3310. The clear winner is the Nokia 3310 over the New Nokia 3310. After the fall of 1000 feet, the Nokia 3310 was in working condition while only the screen was broken, puncturing the display. However, the buttons, speaker, and microphones were completely functional. On the other hand, New Nokia 3310 was completely undamaged from the outside while it didn’t switch on. So, the winner of this spectacular competition was Nokia 3310.

After watching all the videos above, I am sure we have been able to conclude that among all the devices – Apple iPhone X, Samsung Note 8 and Nokia 3310 are really pros of their business!

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