Dual-Screen Foldable Windows 10 Devices From Microsoft Are Coming?

Daphne Planca
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Many reports pointed out that the tech company Microsoft is working on a foldable Surface Phone-type device. Now, the company is indeed working on these devices that would run a version of Windows 10 in a new form factor for the Surface series. The company will invest in adapting Windows itself and its many built-in apps to work across foldable displays and devices with dual-screen hardware.

According to The Verge, the company has been experimenting on their own dual-screen hardware, code-named Andromeda. They are also working with PC makers Intel and other OEMs to develop more in the near future. A similar effort for the upcoming dual-screen and foldable devices for Windows is expected from these companies. To those who are not aware, these companies are well-known in developing Windows 8 2-in-1 devices for more than five years ago.

As of now, Microsoft does not have its own mobile operating system. Since Windows 10 is touch-friendly, it will likely work on foldable devices that could support for always-on 4G or 5G connectivity. This means that the company may get back into the mobile OS business. It would also make sense to add phone features to highly portable or even pocketable Windows 10 devices.

So far, the company’s secretive Windows Core OS work was seen on devices like the Surface Hub 2. The company has reported a dedicated team working on adapting its Windows shell for their new hardware. This is no surprise because the company is gradually integrating more of its dual-screen work into early Windows 10 builds in the recent months.

However, hardware like HoloLens 2 should also begin to release more of how this new modular version of the existing Windows Shell push will happen and develop. This means that the upcoming dual-screen and foldable devices will not only have Intel, either. Also, a range of devices from PC makers is expected to feature ARM-powered chips.

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