Dual-Hinged Microsoft Surface Phone Might Come With Andromeda OS Productivity Mode

Daphne Planca
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The tech company Microsoft seems to plan to power the highly-anticipated Surface Phone with Andromeda OS with a Productivity Mode. Some rumors suggest the device has been delayed until 2019 to polish this latest operating system back to labs for re-work.

According to WinCentral, the popular Microsoft enthusiast WalkingCat tweeted on his Twitter account and managed to look at the Andromeda Productivity mode. This mode is similar to the Laptop mode and a part of the operating system’s files. This is great for a 3-in-1 device accommodating to the phone, tablet, and laptop needs of users with elan.

This mode allows easy typing and working on a device that does not have the usual keyboard or screen. This is found in the SettingsHandler_Display.dll. This reference was used in a class called Multitask mode. This was spotted in the latest Windows 10 SDK.

Also, the latest patent just got surfaced online and brings back the ideas of the dual-hinged device. It was applied last year January and entitled “Navigational Aid for a Hinged Device via Semantic Abstraction.”If ever the device will be shipped eventually, the ideas in the patent may not show up.

In the patent, the device is easy to navigate like a book. If the device is partially closed, the sensors in the hinge can detect it and makes you use the pages. This mechanism is like holding a book and then partially closing it to flip rapidly.

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Credit- windows latest

All of these hints suggest that the company is thinking hard about bringing the Windows 10 to their new lineups. The Surface Phone appears to be one of the SKUs of Windows Core OS in the latest Windows 10 Preview builds. This may indicate that the company might be on track to finally launch this year for both Andromeda OS and the dual-hinged device.

So, what do you think of the latest features of the Microsoft Surface Phone? Let us know if you like it or not by writing in the comment section below.

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