Did Donald Trump Compare His Porn Star Girlfriend To His Daughter Ivanka?

Nabanita Maji
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President Donald Trump has never failed to shock the world with his alleged controversies. The last we reported about him was that he cheated on his wife with a porn star. But, what we learn now is even more shocking. If reports are to be believed, Trump compared his former porn star girlfriend Stormy Daniels to his daughter Ivanka Trump.

According to Hollywood Life, porn actress Stormy Daniels had once admitted that Trump not only cheated on his wife but also compared her to his daughter, Ivanka. “We had really good banter.” — “He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter,” she said.

Did Donald Trump have unprotected sex with his porn star girlfriend?

News.com.au reported that the adult star revealed all the details about her intimacy with Trump during a chat. She said, “[The sex] was textbook generic. It “was nothing crazy. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do.” Well! That’s not just it. Daniels also admitted that Trump didn’t use protection while having sex with her.

“When I came out, he was sitting on the bed and he was like, ‘Come here.’ And I was like, ‘Ugh, here we go.’ I remember thinking, ‘I hope he doesn’t think I’m a hooker,’” she told InTouch. Trump’s alleged affair with Daniels was revealed after another porn star, named Alana Evans claimed that she was invited by the couple to have a threesome.

Reportedly, Daniels and Evans were good friends. During their stay at a hotel, Daniels admitted that she was having an affair with Trump. In fact, she wanted to introduce Evans to Trump. As he was staying in the same hotel, Daniels invited Evans to hang out with them at night. Evans revealed that Daniels called her a number of times that night, however, the latter declined the invitation as she was not interested to have a threesome.

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