Do A Make-Up Quickie With These 8 Beauty Must-Haves

Purnima Gupta
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Good news – You are expected in an after-hour office get-together. Bad news – You just have half-an-hour to finish off make-up. Sounds familiar and scary, right? Would you press the panic button or consider doing a make-up quickie? Well, hang in there and trust your guts lady, make-up can definitely save the day for you! It doesn’t have to be complicated, at least unless the make-up is for your wedding day. Even on the normal days, there’s nothing to freak out; make-up is no rocket-science, after all.

They say – Be confident and half the battle is won. Doing make-up for a stunning face isn’t that hard. And, hey it’s all in your make-up pouch! Every girl carries a small make-up pouch filled with her nitty-gritty, but the real trick lies in knowing what to include and what deserves a miss. And, this is why we are taking that effort for you and preparing an irreplaceable list of essentials for quick beauty to revamp.

BB or CC cream: Even if you are blessed with a flawless complexion, a BB or CC cream is highly recommended as a make-up base provider. It will cover up those blemishes and help the blush to highlighter set in.

Lipstick: It can’t be missed. Make sure to include a lipstick that’s natural. Avoid going for the ones that make your lips look chapped or way too dry.

Eyebrow pencil: This one is really trending on every girl’s makeup list. Well, to be honest, it does make your face come out well. Ladies with thin brows shouldn’t give this one a miss.

Mascara: Use mascara, it won’t hurt. Mascara will add volume and provide good support to your think brows. Your eyes will spell magic, trust us!

Cream blush: Go, cheeky girl! Get a cream blush and make your face look like Barbie-doll. Cover up the cheekbones with the rosy or warm peachy hued blush.

Highlighter or bronzer: For a party, it’s a good idea to use bronzer or highlighter that will add the much-needed glossy look on a party night.

Blender puff: Do away with all sort of brushes for contouring, mixing blush or the bronzer. Get a good quality blender puff and keep your make-up bag light.

Moisturizing face wipes: Do a spill-proof make-up and keep yourself ready. Carry face wipes and quickly bring your make-up mistake back to normal.

Want to include something more to this list. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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