DJI Spark 2 : Release Date and Everything We Want To See

Jasper Valdez
4:24 PM

Last year, DJI released their smallest drone to date, the DJI Spark. It garnered a lot of favorable reviews from critics and consumers alike, making it a favorite among the drone community.

Though its reception was no less than a successful venture for DJI, nothing has come up when it comes to the drone’s successor, the DJI Spark 2. But despite this, many are still hoping (including us) that DJI will give the lineup another go and produce another Spark drone.

Now, with this in mind, we’ve got a couple of good ideas that DJI should consider if ever they choose to give the lineup another lease in life. We’ve listed it all down below  – so, sit back and enjoy!

Adoption of 4K Shooting

As we all know, the DJI Spark was a very compact device. That’s probably why the drone was only capable of shooting in 1080p rather than in 4k – which, as of the moment, has become a standard feature for drones.

For the DJI Spark 2, we definitely expect the adoption of 4K resolution when it comes to shooting. But considering its value point it will probably shoot at approximately 30fps for 4K  – not much if you ask drone enthusiasts but still pretty remarkable for its price range.

Better Battery and Flight Time

The DJI Spark had a lot of good points, however, battery and flight time wasn’t one of those. When in flight and shooting, the Spark can only last a total of 16 minutes in mid-air, which makes it quite difficult to capture a decent amount of area.

But this time around, we think that that would be an issue DJI will put emphasis on come the Spark 2. The new iteration will likely time-in at around 25 minutes per session – a standard for current drones in the market.

Implementation of Better Sensors

One of the main selling points of the DJI Spark was its Gesture mode feature – an attribute which enabled users to control the drone through motions while in mid-air. Although it’s definitely ingenious, the Gesture Control Mode does not live up to what it’s supposed to do. More often, the drone can’t recognize gestures. In light of this, we think that DJI will probably integrate better sensors for the DJI Spark 2 to fully make use of the feature and, of course, for ease of use as the Spark is aimed at beginners.

A More Portable Form Factor

In itself, the DJI Spark is already a pretty handy and unobtrusive device. But despite this, we could all use a little more space inside our bags or carriers. That’s why we really think it would be more beneficial for consumers if the drone gets a wee bit smaller.

With this, we definitely think it’s plausible for DJI to change the Spark’s form factor altogether to one that adheres more to portability. They’ve certainly demonstrated this through the new Mavic Air, which sports a pocket-sized form, and there’s no reason for them to skip this on the new DJI Spark 2.

Release Date

Currently, there’ s still no news regarding the official launch of the DJI Spark 2. However, if we base our conjectures on the previous model’s release then, it’s obvious that a June outing will likely be our best bet. Though that still remains to be seen.

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