DJI Spark 2: No New Drones In Product Line For 2018?

Yves Amodia
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The DJI Spark 2 is in one of the bestselling product lines in the Chinese commercial drone company’s stable. Since the drone phenomenon took over the world a little more than five years ago, the Spark has become a favorite due to the regular updates that the company releases However, it is starting to look like this year will be part of the longest stretch of time in between releases

No DJI Spark 2 for 2018?

Numerous reports are saying that DJI will not be releasing an update to the Spark lineup, according to Drone DJ. It could be because DJI concentrated too much of its resources on the Phantom and Mavic models for this year. Fans of the first Spark drone should not worry about the product line’s future, however, as it has always been positioned by DJI as its beginner drone. It will not be phased out anytime soon.

DJI Mavic 2 features and release date

In related DJI drone news, it looks like the release of the 4K travel drone from the company is getting nearer by the day. The DJI Mavic 2 has been described as aiming to be a cross between the DJI Phantom and DJI Spark products.

While a July 18 “See the bigger picture” event that was rumored to be the official unveiling of the Mavic 2 was postponed, there are hints that DJI is more than ready to launch the new drone. Reports say that its introductory price will be $1,299. Buyers can also avail of three spare batteries that will cost another $250.

As to the features, it is looking like the Mavic 2 will have a modular camera. It may also have a removable gimbal and smoother edges.

Do you think there will be a DJI Spark 2 release this year? What do you think is the reason for the delay? Let us know about your theories in the comments section below.

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