DJI Phantom 5 "Rumored" To Debut This August 23 Alongside Other Drones

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One of the highly anticipated tech gadgets this year are the DJI drones. In fact, with DJI’s upcoming “See the Bigger Picture” event, one of the drones that’s rumored to come is the Phantom 5.

The Upcoming Event

The “See the Bigger Picture” event was originally scheduled for July 18, 2018, but was postponed. The reason for this was because “user experience and standard of innovation factors” were not up to the desired level. During that time, they didn’t give any exact date when will it be rescheduled and just said that it will be “in the not distant future”. It was only then recently that the company has announced its rescheduled date.

According to its announcement video, the event will be held on August 23, 2018, at 10:00 AM (EDT) in New York. This time around, let’s hope that there won’t be another delay.

According to a report, DJI’s Instagram post stated that the said conference will be the most important conference of the year which also hints that the most important product may be featured in the event. The article then says, “people [are] also speculating that the Chinese-based giant will decide to showcase the Phantom 5” but did not give more details regarding this matter.

The Release Date

The Phantom 4 was released on March 2016, while its Pro version was later released in November the same year. So given that we’re already in August, where is the Phantom 5? Was the upcoming event delayed for this drone? Or is it scheduled to come this November?

5 Reasons Why The Phantom 5 Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon

A YouTube video was published back in April by We Talk UAV and gave 5 reasons why the said drone won’t be coming anytime soon. The reasons are:

  • It usually takes up to two years for a launch of a new model or new version of the model.
  • The technology found on the Phantom 4 Pro is way better than the Mavic and Sparks series.
  • The company hasn’t yet released a platinum version. In fact, the Mavic Pro has a platinum version.
  • The Mavic Air, Pro, and Spark are still selling.
  • The company is a master of when and when not to release.


According to a report published back in June, in terms of improvements, it will have longer flight time, longer range, better camera, and will be rainproof. Meanwhile, for its features, it will have a removable camera, retractable legs, a second FPV camera, higher top speed, and laser beams.

An “X” Version

According to a report which was published a few days ago, there is a drone called “Phantom 5 X”. One thing that’s quite interesting is that this drone’s release date was pushed back to late 2018.

Sounds familiar? Well, as already mentioned, the “See the Bigger Event” was postponed, right? Also, the Phantom 4 was released March 2016. But hey, without any official announcements from DJI, it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt, or you can just wait for the event.

Do you think Phantom 5 will make an appearance at the event? When do you think will it be released? How about the possibility that it will be a “platinum version” instead? Tell us in the comment section below.

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