DJI Phantom 5 Leaked Photos With Interchangeable Lenses Aren’t Yet The One, DJI Confirms

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Many photos got surfaced online in the recent weeks showing two grey or silver DJI Phantom drones with an interchangeable lens system. Avid fans hoped it might be the upcoming DJI Phantom 5 since getting details about their new products is now becoming difficult to find.

According to DroneDJ, the photos seemed to be legit, but unfortunately, the drones are just until dreams for now. A spokesperson for the tech company DJI recently sent an emailed statement emphasizing that the drone seen in the photo is a modified Phantom 4 Pro. This was designed and customized for an enterprise client. It only serves specific application needs and is not for public sale.

DJI Phantom 5

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However, they did not mention that a certain drone will be introduced sometime soon. They politely responded that they do not give comments whether the new DJI Phantom 5 will feature interchangeable lenses when they were asked, which was worth a try. The drone is speculated to flaunt a budget-friendly mini Inspire 2/Zenmuse X7 combo.

In spite of everything, the photos indicate four different f/2.8 lenses, including a 15mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm prime, as well as a 35mm focal. A sketch showed a one-inch CMOS sensor similar to the one fitted on the current Phantom 4 Pro. The sensor seems like a square, which is quite odd, but hard to determine. The new aircraft is also speculated to have a certain degree of rain resistance because of better weather sealing and deported motor cooling holes under the frame.

The traditional plastic design is no longer used for the drone shell to prevent plastic fatigue and cracks, which usually occur near the mounts of the motors. The switch to aluminum build can finally end the recurring issue of big structural stress found within the Phantom family. If these photos are real, this new drone will be a major evolution in the Phantom lineup and surely no more variant of the Phantom 4.

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