DJI Mavic Pro 2 Wishlist: Features That We Are Dying To See In The Upcoming Drone

Jasper Valdez
3:13 PM

The Mavic Pro lineup can already be considered as one of DJI’s best selling drones. The flyer has experienced much success in the industry with many voicing out favorable opinions about its performance and ingenuity.

With that said, many are now wondering what’s going to be next for the roster, which hearsays suggest will be appropriately tagged as the DJI Mavic Pro 2. As of present, there aren’t any concrete leads directly identifying the official launch date of the drone. However, most estimates indicate that DJI is already setting up the Mavic Pro 2  for a sooner release than we thought, considering the Mavic Pro has already dipped in the price department.

While that’s still up for debate, what we do know now is what we want the Mavic Pro 2 to improve on. Scroll down to see our wishlist below!

A More Compact Form

The Mavic Pro is already a pretty versatile drone able to fold to the size of a water bottle, but we’d like to see DJI go beyond that when it comes to the Mavic Pro 2. I mean, we could really use some more storage room when it comes to our travel baggage. With DJI headlining the Mavic Pro 2, it’s certainly possible for the new drone to come with a more refined and handy design.

Integration Of A Charging Port

As we all know, when it comes to charging DJI drones we always need to extract the battery from the device’s body, which takes too much of our time. That’s why this time around we really urge DJI to provide us with an easier alternative to charging our drones – by including a USB Type C charging port.  Not only will this remove the need for constant battery extraction but it will also save us a lot of time – simply by connecting and disconnecting.

Improved ActiveTrack

ActiveTrack is already a very formidable feature in the Mavic Pro, however, it isn’t without its faults. The feature can only follow a subject through a straight path. For the Mavic Pro 2, we see DJI including support for tracking in conditions like going downhill or descending slopes.

Increased Resolution and Adjustable Aperture

There’s no doubt that the Mavic Pro is imbued with amazing specifications camera-wise, however, it could use several improvements for a much-improved performance. One would be increasing the resolution of the camera from 12MP to 16MP or even higher – for more crisp and sharper still images. Another one would be the integration of an adjustable aperture. Not only will it come handy in low-light environments, it will also boost the drone’s versatility even more – covering a wider range of tasks than ever before.

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