Everything We Know About DJI Mavic 2 And 'See The Bigger Picture' Event

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DJI owns the best collections of consumer drones in the market today and with the recent invitation from the Chinese drone maker about their ‘See The Bigger Picture’ event, drone enthusiasts went wild on their feet. The event might highlight the release of the newest Mavic Pro 2 coming from the company.

For those who are new to the drone industry, DJI is the maker of one of the best flying machine equipped with a high-quality camera. The maneuverability and the ease of usage catapulted DJI’s Mavic Pro to the top of the leaderboards.

With the success of the Mavic Pro series in the drone community, people are hype on the next installment and the company provided a few invites to witness the event called ‘ See The Bigger Picture.’ Based on the event name, it suggests that it may be a similar slogan that the company uses when introducing new drone models to the market.

The event where the 2nd line of the Mavic series is likely to be introduced to the public that is scheduled for July 18th got postponed for some unknown reason. Currently, there are no concrete evidence when the company is scheduling the event and if there are any unveiling that will happen in the coming months from DJI.

However, some suggest that the new Mavic Pro 2 will come very sooner than expected. Many agree that the company will work on introducing the new version in the late July up to August this year.

What Do We Know About The Mavic 2

The Mavic 2 price tag may feature at around $1299. A slightly higher price tag than its predecessor but it comes with new advancements and features. It also makes sense if the company use the new model and bundle it up with extra batteries and other accessories that will come at a bundle price.

DroneDJ revealed a leaked image of the upcoming Mavic Pro 2 and it suggests that new drone will be called Mavic 2 and the company dropped the ‘Pro’ from the new model. It is also speculated that the Mavic drone will come with two versions. The Mavic 2 and possibly the Mavic Pro 2.

When thoroughly examined, for those who are familiar with the Mavic series will see significant changes in the new model. The new model shown in the leaked image shows a more aerodynamic design compared to its predecessor.

This intention is more evident since the scheme of the drones keeps on evolving and company makers are trying to find the most efficient way to get more lovely experiences when flying the next generation of drones. It mimics the major folding designs coming from the first Mavic and the overall feel will still have the signature Mavic look.

The motor suggests that it is a slightly bigger in size compared to the first model. If you also look closely to the gimbal, it suggests that the mounting system for the camera features a secured mount compared to the current Mavic. The drone might also feature a sliding gimbal which might provide a possibility of a second gimbal that can replace the original placed in the drone.

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