'See The Bigger Picture' Event And The Arrival Of DJI's Mavic Pro 2

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DJI is one of the successful drone makers in the community and their Mavic Pro series is one of the best in its class. Expected to set flight around the month of July, we’ll be able to see the new installment from the series, the Mavic Pro 2.

This new addition to the DJI line is one of the most anticipated drones of the year. This flying machine might be the answer of the company to Autel’s new Evo folding drone and the Anafi from Parrot for the upcoming race to the top of the leaderboard.

Last 2016, DJI released a video campaign for the DJI Mavic with a theme that implies ‘See Everything’. Now, with the news that the company is now working on a campaign with the same aspect but with a different touch and it is called ‘See The Bigger Picture’. The event will take place in New York City on July 18th and this could be a big gateway for the Chinese drone maker, DJI, to announce the arrival of their new machine.

The company sent an invite to the press for the event and the invite comes with a picture with their new campaign. The picture could be an aerial shot of a mountain with some clouds that form an eye-like image.

The Mavic Pro 2 is expected to have a huge upgrade to the components of the drone. We might also see a sleeker design and a more aerodynamic profile. Intelligent flight mode from the Mavic Pro might be retained with some improvements within the obstacle avoidance sensor making it easier to fly for hobbyist and professionals.

Another important upgrade might come in the form of the gimbal and the quality of the image. We don’t have concrete information yet about the specs and the overall performance of the new Mavic Pro II but there are rumors flying around the net about this.

In a Twitter post, OsitaLV stated some interesting information about the new version of the Mavic Pro series. OsitaLV also mentioned that “Some 1st class resellers have flown the thing this week. For machine vision  of MPII, it will be highly identical to my earlier thoughts if they tell the truth.”

A post from June 14th that suggests that we might be looking for multiple models for the Mavic Pro II. The tweet goes like this: “Prepare your wallet if MPII has 2 or 3 different versions (the most expensive 1″, cheaper 1/1.7″ and unknown optical zoom). Something new is coming, a new professional transmitter of DJI has been put on FCC.” 

The series of posts also includes a lot of illustrations. From this, we might able to pick up what the two versions of drone might have. 

The 1st version comes with a 12MP camera and the other stats are listed below.

  • Sony IMX226 sensor
  • 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor
  • 24mm F2.8-11
  • 4K @ 60fps 100Mbps 10 bit
  • H.264/H.265
  • QuickShot
  • Panorama

2nd version will have a 20MP camera and pack with these things.

  • Sony CMOS sensor
  • 1″ CMOS sensor
  • 24mm F2.8-11
  • 4K @ 60fps 100Mbps 10 bit
  • H.264/H.265
  • QuickShot
  • Panorama

The specs provided by OsitaLV were remarkable and a lot of people are now excited about what’s ahead and what they could get with Mavic Pro 2. The price tag for the drone could be in and around the same price range as the initial release of its predecessor, the Mavic Pro.

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