DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Equipped Enhanced Security and Safety Features For Dangerous Jobs

Daphne Planca
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The Chinese-based drone maker DJI has been popular for its camera drones. The company recently introduced its new Mavic 2 line of drones like the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. Both of these drones are marketed toward end users of all varieties.

According to VentureBeat, the company seems to expand its Mavic 2 lineup at the DJI AirWorks in Dallas, Texas. The potential drone will be the Mavic 2 Enterprise, which was made specifically with commercial applications for the private sector. This machine is a modular $1,999 (approximately AU$2,825 or £1,560) version of the Mavic 2 Zoom. It is better suited for tasks like inspection or search and rescue.

In terms of specification, the Mavic 2 Enterprise has wings that can fold neatly into a compact, 905-gram package.  It has different color bands on the propeller arms and a different camera attached to the underside from the Mavic 2 Pro. It comes with a 24GB of internal expandable storage via MicroSD card and the company’s Local Data Mode to keep all information stored on the aircraft and the paired smartphone.

In the photography department, the camera on this machine is a 12-megapixel one with a 2x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom. It can shoot up to 4K and uses GPS timestamping to record the time and date its images were captured. The three-axis gimbal stabilizes the drone. Its zoom and stabilization features make this machine appealing to business customers and emergency services.

The accessories of this machine include a 2,400-lumen spotlight, a flashing strobe that is visible from three miles away, and a 100-decibel loudspeaker to let operators remotely blast up to 10 custom recordings. These not only help in moving the drone beyond imaging but also enhance aerial productivity. The navigational aids supporting this drone are AirSense for real-time positioning and FlightAutonomy 2 for guidance around tight corners and obstacles.

What do you think about the latest features of the Mavic 2 Enterprise? Would you purchase this machine? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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