DJI Inspire 3 Drone Likely To Have 6K Resolution Aerial Camera? - Latest Leaks and Rumors Detailed

Daphne Planca
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Many information about the exciting drone DJI Inspire 3 is circulating and floating around the web, especially it’s expected release date that has no solid confirmation yet. However, the drone is already in development with alleged test flights as seen in recently leaked images.

In terms of specification, the brand new drone might sport a whopping 6K RAW resolution camera doing much better for aerial photographs. These details are far from confirmed and considered subject to change. Its images surfaced first online ahead of the recent Mobile World Congress 2018 event in Barcelona, Spain. Then, a booth set present at the event showed an eye-catching image with an all-black drone motor and propeller, perhaps the upcoming drone.

DJI (YoutubeScreenshot) via ValueWalk

According to ValueWalk, some claimed that it’s the DJI Inspire 2, but if you’ll look closely, it is something new. The image suggested a different LED design and color, a matte finish, and no motor axis tilt. If not the upcoming drone, another product might be in works – possibly a DJI Inspire 2 Pro version. Well, it turns out that the image was for the newly introduced Matrice 200.

Many are hoping that a Zenmuse X7 camera will be used for the upcoming drone to achieve an excellent aerial camera. In the camera technology, this camera is known to be one of the top options available nowadays. If so, the drone will be among the premier devices on the market making again the tech company DJI a camera drone leader.

The release date of this upcoming drone is rumored to be some point within this year. The shipment might likely start next year once unveiled with some pretty massive improvements. The aspects include a better speed, flight range, flying time, and battery life, an improved camera, a lighter weight for easier portability, various flight modes, and more advanced aerial stability and greater maneuverability.

So, what do you think of this latest rumor about the DJI Inspire 3? Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing in the comment section below.

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