DIY Guide – How To Swap DJI Mavic 2 Camera, Hidden Features You Probably Didn't Know [Video]

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So DJI recently released its Mavic 2 drones which come in two editions: ‘Pro’ and ‘Zoom’. With these two amazing drones, one of the commonly asked questions by its fans is “How do I swap its camera?”

Let’s be honest, with drones that costs $1,499 and $1,249, the last thing you wanna do is f*** it up and cause irreparable damage because you didn’t exactly know what you were doing. With that, check out this DIY video on how to swap the camera of the Mavic 2.

The Video

The video is one minute and thirteen seconds and was just recently uploaded by YouTube channel TronicsFix LLC. It shows a simple step-by-step guide in taking out the camera.

On its bottom design, there will be 6 screws that you will need to remove. First, you will have to remove the first four screws. After that, you will remove the mini-cover which hides the other two screws and the ribbon cable. With that, you can finally remove the camera from the drone.

Mavic 2 Secrets You Didn’t Know

YouTuber Brett Garamella recently uploaded a very interesting video. On the video, it shows some features that DJI didn’t mention. What are these “hidden features”?

First, the gimbal on both drones is able to pan left and right. Sure, this is interesting but you’re gonna need a bit of practice to control this, especially panning it to left and right, and up and down as well.

Second, on its remote, there’s a button on its back. This button will automatically put the gimbal back at the center.

Lastly, the third hidden feature is that the ‘Pro’ version has a semi-Zoom feature. On the “Video Size” menu, you will find “4K Full FOV” and “4K HQ”. The FOV is the default, while the HQ is the semi-Zoom feature.

Were the videos very informative? Were you already aware of the hidden features of the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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