Did Apple Just Reveal The Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date?

Yves Amodia
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The Apple Watch Series 4 will be the latest entry into the American tech giant’s popular smartwatch line. While Apple fans are assured of major upgrades on the features and specs, not much is known about the upcoming device yet. However, it looks like we will be able to see these updates for ourselves in less than a month when the smartwatch hits retailers.

Official Apple Watch Series 4 release date?

It looks like the next Apple Watch will be released on Wednesday, September 12, according to Gadgets & Wearables. Apple, of course, is being incredibly quiet but several leaks and reports have indicated this as the most likely date. This is due to the fact that the company typically unveils most of its big products during the first or second week of September.

This is also the same date that most Apple partners and accessory makers seem to think the new smartwatch’s accessories will start showing up as part of displays on websites and stores, according to BGR. They were given instructions to lift embargoes on their products on that date.

Potential features and specs

One of the biggest changes on the Apple Watch Series 4 is the watch-to-watch walkie-talkie mode that enables users to talk to each other, according to CNet. There is also a possibility that you will be able to listen to audio files from third-party apps. This can mean that you can listen to streamed music or podcasts.

Additionally, the direct successor of the Apple Watch Series 3 will use T2 chips. This can result in the Siri voice assistant always being on.

We may also be seeing a larger screen. The display may be 15 percent bigger than the Apple Watch Series 3.

Do you think the leaked release date of the Apple Watch Series 4 is accurate? What feature of the new smartwatch are you most looking forward to? Post a comment below so we will know about your thoughts.

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