Consumer Checklist Of What Apple Needs To Do For Their 2018 Mac Computers

Ronald Balondo
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People need to see improvements in the Mac line that is currently aging and outdated. These are the rants of many Mac users from the company that didn’t provide any news about their upcoming plans for their computer line this last WWDC 2018.

As stated by Quentin Carnicelli in a blog for Rogue Amoeba, he clearly provided insights and the thoughts of almost all Mac users that haven’t seen any significant improvements and no news about any new hardware from Apple. He stated that “Given the incredibly sad state of the Mac lineup, it’s difficult to understand how WWDC could have come and gone with no hardware releases”

Some people are still waiting patiently for the upgraded computers that would hopefully resolve the issues from the past versions like the faulty keyboards and the controversial TouchBar. Last June, we haven’t heard any news from Apple about any plans for the roster but we might see rays of hopes this Fall.

The feel for a reliable response and the feedback from the current MacBook Pro’s keyboard is one of the things that people wanted back. Currently, the keys to these laptops are very flat and nice aesthetically speaking but many users are looking for a dependable keyboard that will always work. Another noteworthy detail lies in the sensitivity of the keys to any debris which may lead to faulty and sometimes stuck keys.

The MacBook’s TouchBar is also a debated feature that the company added in their recent models. Some argue that the TouchBar takes away the feeling of pressing a button in a laptop which is very helpful for some programmers and typist and the others just least it as it is or pretty much fine with the new addition. The 13-inch model has an option to opt-in with a TouchBar or not while the 15-inch only comes with the TouchBar.

If Apple wanted to make most of their fans and users happy, they need to consider these things and instead of moving ahead and dominate the computer business using innovative stuff. Apple’s market is the people and relating to what the consumers think is a healthy sign for every company.

Mac Pro is known to be the most powerful desktop computer from Apple that is mainly used for heavy photo and video editing as well as doing 3D models. However, we haven’t seen any new installment from the line. The only news we got for Mac Pro is that it will launch a new and improve version in 2019.

MacBook Air is also an essential and an iconic part of the Mac computer line but the company might have forgotten about it given the fact that there were no substantial upgrades coming from this line in years. Many are hoping that the MacBook Air will get a comeback this year and there were reports saying that it will rejoin the line up once again later this year.

One striking details that can also improve the Mac computers is the lack of ports. We all know that USB-C is the future but many peripherals are still running the standard USB and HDMI setup and it might be a good idea to step back a little bit to accommodate some of these devices. Many will argue that you can get yourself a dongle that will supply the ports that you need but you’ll find yourself spending some extra cash out from your pocket.

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