Commit Reveals Google Pixel 4 Will Come With Better Dual SIM Functionality

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One of the highly anticipated smartphones that are coming this year is the Google Pixel 4 which is why it comes to no surprise that tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new leaks, rumors, and official talks about it.

So what new juicy details do we have this time around regarding the Pixel 4? Well, apparently, the fourth generation Pixel may have better dual SIM functionality compared to its predecessors.

The Commit

According to reports, a new commit in the Android Open Source Gerrit revealed that Google is adding property values in the framework and Telephony service to tell if a device has hardware support for multi-SIM functionality. In addition to that, the commit also revealed that it will have dual SIM functionality. With such features, the Pixel 4 will presumably be able to work better on two different cellular carrier networks simultaneously instead of having just one enabled and the other disabled.

The commit reads:

This boolean will be set to true in 2019 devices by default.

The boolean is required to differentiate 2018 Pixel (which has 2 SIM cards, but dual SIM functionality is restricted to dog fooding) from 2019 Pixel (which will have dual SIM functionality).

The flag will be updated over the air for dog fooding.

Regarding the bug that you mentioned. In general, some devices will be single SIM, even if they contain two SIM cards, as the Pixel 2018 case and that is a valid configuration.

 What is “Dog Fooding”?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a clear-cut explanation given about what this “Dog fooding” means. If anyone one of you, our dear readers, know. Do tell us in the comment section. Thanks.

Of course, we did some research on the web. According to one site, it’s an IT slang for the use of one’s own products. And in some cases, the term implies developers or companies are using their own products to work out bugs.

Speaking of developers and companies using their own products, one report noted that that the dual-SIM functionality is inactive “dog feeding” on the  Pixel 3 right now. What this means is that Google is already testing it internally on a phone that you might be using today.

When Can We Expect The Google Pixel 4?

Based on the release dates of the previous models, the Pixel 4 could come either in October or November 2019. This is because the first and second generation Pixels were released in October, while the third generation was released in November.

Are you looking forward to the Pixel 4? Tell us in the comment section below.

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