CES 2019 Might See Samsung's Foldable Galaxy X Flagship

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Foldable phones are the latest technology fad, there are no second thoughts about it. With smartphone makers rumored to be working and lining up their ambitious foldable smartphones for launch looks like the war will intensify further. This time, expect a surprise from mobile giant Samsung and witness its potential through the Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

At CES 2019 Las Vegas, Samsung is rumored to launch its much anticipated foldable smartphone. As per the recent reports and the official statement made by the Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, foldable smartphone model can see the light of the day during the CES next year in 2019.

Rumors, Rumors, and Rumors…

The rumors previously claimed that the Samsung Galaxy X will see the dawn of the day during San Francisco Developers Conference this year. However, due to the reasons related to manufacturing and distribution of the said model was not unveiled that time. Reports claim that the mobile tech giant wanted to ensure a trouble-free launch and sale in the consumer market that is why they delayed the launch to next year.

According to some leaked reports, Samsung is still working on its foldable smartphone screen, to make it fit for mass production. The company is also trying to provide unique characteristics to the fold-ability of the phone screen and Samsung has all good reasons to do it. The smartphone giant is aiming to create and launch a phone that cuts through the market competition lying ahead, especially with smartphones having foldable screens.

Apart from making a unique selling point in the market, Samsung is highly focussed in analyzing customer demand and trends. The first unit of production for the Galaxy X smartphone will have limited saleable units, approx 5,00,000, however, Samsung will increase production later on.

Coming to the specs, leaks suggest that the smartphone will have a 4.6-inch external screen, and a 7.3-inch foldable internal screen. So, when the phone will be opened, the screen size will mimic the size of a tablet. Taking cues, Huawei has also recently announced that it is also working on the 5G enabled foldable smartphone, to be launched in the mid of 2019. The phone will have a 7 to 8-inch screen size and companies first 5G enabled phone in the market.

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