Celeb Secret Weddings of 2017 We Want to Look Back!

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Aah! Those lavish and dreamy weddings which have made us croon all year long. Who tied the knot with whom? Where did the wedding took place? How long did they dated each other? Let us check all these details here from the famous celeb weddings.

2017 has seen some of the loveliest celebrity weddings. Private dinners, limited friends, family members, chosen best men, and bridesmaids, there was everything very special about 2017 celeb wedding. Yes, and they were kept a secret too.

Come, join us as we take a look back at the weddings of those celebs who got hitched quietly. Shhhh….!

Lizzy Kaplan & Tom Riley

This wedding between these two celebs was a very private affair and too hush-hush. The Mean Girls star married, British actor and producer Tom Riley in Italy in the presence of near and dear ones.



Kate Upton & Justin Verlander

This weddings also was an intimate affair. Supermodel Kate Upton and Justin Verlander tied the knot in secret and private ceremony in Italy.

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Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa

The wedding between Lina Bonet and Games of Thrones star, Jason Momoa aka Drogo tied the knot in a hush-hush affair. They have been together for over 12 years so the wedding took place very privately.



Alicia Vikander & Michael Fassbender

Alicia and Michael, the famous Hollywood celebrities got married secretly in Ibiza. They first met each other in 2014 and decided to commit to life this year in 2017.

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Bianca Balti & Matthew McRae

This was the real quickie! Bianca Balti and Matthew took the decision to tie the knot this year. Their wedding took place at the Ranch in the Laguna Beach. The whole was a very intimate affair.


Laetitia Casta and Louis Garrel

Famous French supermodel Laetitia Casta tied the knot with French actor Louis Garrel in a secret wedding in Corsica. The wedding was attended by few guests and friends only.



We are sure this wedding must have broken many hearts. Do you think such hush-hush weddings have their own magic? Comment below and let us know.

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