Cardi B's Make Up Tricks That Work Like Magic!

Purnima Gupta
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Cardi B or Belcalis Almanzar needs no introduction. She is the rising star in the American music industry. Tasting success at a young age of 25, Cardi B is equally famous for her glam appeal and fashion quotient. Her style is eye-grabbing and inventive. She started her career in the year 2015. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B’s net worth stands at a whopping 4 million dollar at present. The instant success of rap album “Bodak Yellow”, skyrocketed Cardi B’s career. She now has over 17 million followers on Instagram.

Cardi B’s style quotient compliments her rapper personality, totally! Her choice of clothes is not fixed and she prefers to experiment with each look. Far from words like elegance and charm, Cardi B has a mark of her own in the music industry. Her style is outward and a little on the wilder side. Straight blonde hair, a glamorous layer of make-up and experiments with different outfits is a signature fashion quotient of Cardi B. Let’s see how Cardi B likes to stay all glammed up in these few super quick steps.

Tip 1:

Apply generous amounts foundation or face concealer to even out the facial skin tone. Then, with raspberry colored eye shadow, create warm effects with a brush in the lower lid of the eyes. And put some more eyeshadow (in the same hue) right above the crease of the eyes on the upper lid.

Tip 2:

Put some more shadow in nude or golden with a brush in the middle of your eyelids (to make the raspberry hue stand out better)

Tip 3:

Apply kohl pencil in the inner lids of the eye and make bold strokes with an eyeliner on the upper lid. Make sure your peeps look as dramatic as her.

Tip 4:

Now carefully place faux lashes on the eyes for a dramatic & dreamy look.

Tip 5:

With a lip liner, draw those fine lines to demarcate the territory for your lipstick. And proceed on to apply apple red color lipstick to fill the space.

You are done. You are all set to roll just like superstar rapper Cardi B!

These pro make tips are perfect for a fun night with your girls? If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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