Bugatti Divo Will Hit The Roads This August

Ronald Balondo
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Bugatti now confirms the long-awaited rumor about a new line in their luxury supercar category. From the makers of the world-renowned Veyron and Chiron, a new line that will be called Bugatti Divo will make its way to The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering set in California.

The supercars got their names from the long successful history of the company. The Veyron model comes from Pierre Veyron that races for Bugatti in the 1930’s and won significant car races during that span under the company’s flag. The same tale also happened with Louis Chiron that is an icon in the racing industry. The newest addition from car maker is honored to Albert Divo that is famous for the Bugatti Type 35 victories in the 1920’s.

Buggati Divo initially rumored as a special variant of Chiron but it varies in other aspects. Bugatti stated in their press release that Divo will “revive its coachbuilding tradition.” The carmaker also declares that there are only 40 units and suggests that it would be one of the rarest cars in the world. The two supercars come with an 8-liter quad-turbo w16 engine but the Divo will have a better handling compared to its predecessor.

The new line from the French automotive expert focuses on handling and agility. According to Stephan Winkelmann, automotive executive and the current President of Bugatti Automobiles, “Happiness is not around the corner. It is the corner. The Divo is made for corners. We want to thrill people throughout the world. With this project, the Bugatti team has an opportunity to interpret the brand DNA in terms of agile, nimble handling in a significantly more performance-oriented way.”

Bugatti fans and supercar enthusiasts will have something to look forward in the coming months. On August 24th, the supercar will get its introduction in California and comes with a $6 million price tag which is Divo’s premium price tag makes sense since there are only a few people can get their hands on this beast.

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