BTS World Tour: Love Yourself In Seoul Review: An Experience Unforgettable

Mohnish Singh
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It is absolutely amazing to see that how the South Korean boy band BTS, brought into existence by Big Hit Entertainment in 2013, has caught the fancy of music lovers all over the world, and that too within such a little timeframe. Today, we are going to be reviewing BTS World Tour: Love Yourself In Seoul, a film which is actually an exclusive, end to end screening of the most sought-after concert of 2018, shot at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul during the BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’.

The film holds your attention from the word go. It is simple, riveting and magnificent to the core. If you are a BTS fan and can devour anything related to the band with the crazy following, chances are high of you going gaga over what you see in the flick. As mentioned before, the movie captures the group’s 2018 Love Yourself concert, which attracted around 90,000 fans in total, delivering where its predecessor, Burn the Stage (2018), fell slightly short and finally showing an unapologetic musical extravaganza which blows your mind away.

The best part about BTS World Tour: Love Yourself In Seoul is that when you see it in a theatre, you do not feel like watching a film playing on celluloid. It literally makes you feel as if you are watching a live concert with your eyes wide open. Yes, all the seven talented boys from the group captivate you with their charm and, most importantly, music. They make you believe that you are actually watching them live in the flesh. Everything that you see on the big screen is sheer magic and transcending.

The only thing which may disappoint some fans is that the movie runs the whole concert which feels like unbelievably long after some time. But diehard BTS fans won’t complain about it because more is less for them. Isn’t it? Don’t forget to catch the film as soon as possible, because it is an experience that you are going to cherish forever in life.

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