BTS Boys Set The Stage On Fire During Their ‘Love Yourself’ World Tour In Hong Kong

Mohnish Singh
2:24 PM

BTS have gained enviable popularity in all nooks and corners of the world. A band, which nobody knew about till a couple of years ago, today has dedicated fans across the globe. Smashing the image of K-Pop bands as heavily constructed by entertainment firms, the group is now rewriting the history of K-Pop with their electric music and lyrics that talk about issues that affect the common man.

If anybody wants to measure their popularity and success, they can just look at the sale of their albums across the planate. The sale is in millions and counting. If that is not enough, then you can google the best selling global artists of 2018. BTS was the second bestselling global artist of the year gone by, second only to Drake. The band has recently broken the record for most album pre-orders – one they had already set – with 2.6 million pre-orders of their upcoming album, Map of the Soul: Persona.

But besides all of that, it is their live performances at various concerts across the globe which have established them one of the greatest entertainers of the era. Recently, BTS kicked-off the first of their four concerts in Hong Kong – the 19th stop on their Love Yourself World Tour – with an outstandingly rousing performance of their hit song “Idol”. The performance was received with open arms by the thousands of fans who were seen cheering the singers at the top of their voice.

Most of the performances during the BTS Love Yourself World Tour were solo performances, which sort of proved the fact that the BTS boys are talented to pull the crowd individually also. Each of them is a complete package. It is not that they can arrest audiences’ attention only when they are together. They can do it individually too and that is great.

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