BootROM Exploit Could Allow Nintendo Switch Jailbreak

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Great news for the fans who are looking for Nintendo Switch jailbreak. A new bootROM has been discovered which will allow users to jailbreak the said console.

The Exploit

A coding mistake in the Switch’s read-only bootROM may allow users to jailbreak the said console. However, one must be aware that the bootROM issue is an issue with hardware and it can’t be addressed with a new software patch. The article then explains that because of this, if you currently have a system, your Nintendo Switch jailbreak can’t be fixed by Nintendo by any ordinary means.

Although the bootROM is read-only, a method has been discovered that forces the Switch into USB recovery mode and overwhelms its direct memory access buffer. To do this, one must make a simple modification which involves shortening a single pin the Joy-Con controller.

For those who are already starting to get disheartened, don’t be, because a hacking team called fail0verflow has come up with a device that makes shorting the USB pin much easier. In the team’s Twitter account (which also shares the same name), the team posted a tweet last April 23, 2018, featuring a physical device that users can slide into the edge of the console in order to carry out the jailbreak.

The following day, the team posted another tweet. This time is a sneak peak of a totally brand new Zelda game coming soon to the Switch.

Right now, it does seem a bit difficult to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch for the average user. However, the jailbreak community continues to collaborate with each other, so we can expect that sometime in the future there will be more options available to take advantage of the bootROM issue, or an entirely different method.

So what do you think about the abovementioned method for Nintendo Switch jailbreak? Will you be willing to try or have you already tried it? We would lie to hear from you in the comment section below.

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