Bollywood and Cricket: A Match Made In Heaven

Purnima Gupta
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Recent weddings of Indian cricket players and Bollywood actresses have become the talk of the town. These marriages are a perfect example of how Bollywood and cricket worlds can twine together. Bollywood beauties like Anushka Sharma, Hazel Keech, Sagarika Ghatge are falling head over heels for the Indian cricket players. In a hat-trick of the sort, the Bollywood-Cricket union has again shined bright with Virat Kohli tying the knot with his long-term love interest & Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma. They took the marital vows in Tuscany, Italy on December 11.

With Virushka’s (Virat-Anushka) wedding, we have three most trending examples in front displaying the story behind the famous Bollywood-Cricket connection. Couples – Yuvraj-Hazel, Zaheer-Sagarika and now Virat-Anushka decided to walk down the aisle after dating each other. The love stories of these couples are as dreamy and pulsating as their profession. The said celebs couples have always been under constant public attention and media radar. Making this fact as a common factor about the two distinctively opposite professions. As they say, media frenzy and public glares are part of the package called stardom.

Here we would like to take you through the recent Bollywood-Cricket unions to prove how players and divas are a match made in heaven.

Yuvraj Singh-Hazel Keech

Yuvraj Singh, a celebrated all-rounder from Indian Cricket team tied the knot with Hazel Keech in November 2017. The wedding was followed by another round of wedding vows in Goa and a reception in Delhi. Yuvraj’s mom strongly supported the union between the two and blessed the couple at their wedding.

Zaheer Khan-Sagarika Ghatge

Zaheer and Sagarika got engaged and made their relationship official on May 25, 2017. They tied the knot on November 23, 2017, and actively posted the pictures of their honeymoon over social media, post-wedding. And, their friend from the same clan Yuvraj-Hazel and Virat-Anushka too were present at their wedding reception.

Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma

The most awaited union speculated by people all over India was Virat and Anushka aka Virushka’s wedding. They both took their wedding vows on December 11, 2017, at a special wedding venue in Italy. Virat and Anushka, reportedly dated each other for 4 years before getting hitched.

A Peek At The Past

While the recent examples set by these couples are intriguing, the Bollywood-Cricket connection is much deep-rooted. Remember the Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi wedding? The marriage of the Bollywood’s one of the most famous actress Sharmila Tagore with Mansoor Ali Khan was a fairy tale in itself. They met each other through a common friend in 1965. Initially, the then cricketer Mansoor Ali took a keen interest in Sharmila, after meeting her for the first time. He went all over to impress her. They got married in December 1969 and Sharmila Tagore even converted her religion for the marriage.

This marriage not only showcased how love can break religious barriers but was also one of the firsts in Bollywood-Cricket unions. Even, till today their marriage is hailed as a match made in heaven by many.

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