BlueTie App Review: Optimizing Your Network For Infinite Professional Possibilities

Harsh Soni
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With a constantly evolving professional environment, it is important for employees and executives to optimize their existing network. Thankfully, new app BlueTie provides the tools that everyone needs to meet and discover professionals beyond their own individual network.

BlueTie is a redefinition of whatever we know about professional networks. Let us take a look at everything you need to know about this revolutionary professional networking app.

Blue Tie


Pushed mainly by founding brothers Kalyan and Kunal Garud, BlueTie was developed to address a problem that haunts a lot of professionals: networking. Even with the increasingly connected world, professionals struggle to connect and collaborate with each other. It envisions a massive global network that will empower professionals.


Among the strongest features of BlueTie are it’s Search Tools. These three are among them:

Blue Tie Search

Objective based networking: BlueTie app has an interesting feature where you can network with professionals through correlating objectives. These objectives can be Exchange Ideas, Provide Mentorship, Seek Mentorship, Strategic Partnerships, Hire Talent, Explore Job Opportunities, Discover Freelance Opportunities, Make an investment and Seek Funding.

By searching through objective, you will be shown profiles of professionals that share the same or complimentary objective.

Blue Tie 2

BlueTie Pin: BlueTie Pin is everyone’s unique professional identity. It is a customizable contact detail. This can make professional discussions online more efficient as you can share your BlueTie Pin and can get searched directly through “search by BlueTie Pin” and avoid sharing your personal contact details or worry about unread emails.  Also, your worries about getting spam will disappear because of the secure contact platform of the app.

Search by Forte: For users looking for a particular Forte, Search by Forte is an appealing search tool. You can search or get searched by your skills, software or certification. For example, software proficiency and programming can be easily searched.

These are a few more features that should make you download BlueTie:

Get acknowledged: When you send a reach out, there is a preset timer, where users can set a particular duration of time for the respondee to respond.  It is a reminder for the professionals to revert to you on time.Blue Tie Function

How to use

  1. To register into the platform, you need to first download the app. You will be able to utilize your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account to sign up.
  2. Once you log in, you will be prompted with a screen. Here you will enter your Fortes. These are the skills that you are the best in as a professional. You will have limited your fortes to five in the free subscription model. To choose more fortes you can use my referral code: har31478
  3. Pick out the industry or sector that you are working for.
  4. You will then be asked to choose a Networking Objective. This is basically the reason why you are signing up on the app.
  5. Once the registration is finished, you will be brought to a screen that is similar to that of Tinder. In this screen, you will get the professionals that are of related objective, industry, sector or forte as you.
  6. To search for a professional with a particular Forte or Networking Objective, you can just type in the search box. If you know that professionals BlueTie Pin, then you can directly find them through “Search by BlueTie Pin”.
  7. To reach out to a professional, you need to flip right on a person. You will then have to send a request message stating your objective to the network. You can set the expected timeframe of response for this interaction.


While BlueTie is a stunningly great professional networking app, its limited coverage and availability is an issue. Once availability is expanded, it is the closest thing to perfection in the professional networking world.

Device compatibility

BlueTie is currently available for both iOS and Android users. This means that you will be able to use it if you have Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi and Huawei phones. It is, however, only marketed for users in India as of the moment. Users can access BlueTie on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Verdict: Is It Worth The Download?

BlueTie is one of the most innovative professional apps that you could use as of this moment. If you want to access individuals that you would not otherwise interact with and increase your networking circle, you should definitely try it out.

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