Biggest iPhone Ever, iPhone 11, Set To Launch This Year: Here's What To Expect

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The upcoming smartphone iPhone 11 is said to be larger than iPhone X. It is one of the three new smartphones scheduled to be launched by Apple this year. To complete the trilogy, two smartphones are also to be unveiled: the upgraded handset, which size is the same as the present iPhone X, and a not-too-expensive model with standard iPhone features in it.

The new smartphones will cater to the growing demand for multi-tasking features and for the market segment that looks for less expensive iPhone X version, Bloomberg said. The new smartphones, according to people privy to the plans but asked not to be named, might be introduced by Apple by fall.

“This is a big deal,” Gene Munster, co-founder of Loup Ventures, told Bloomberg. “When you have a measurable upgrade in screen size, people go to update their phone in droves. We saw that with iPhone 6, and we think this is setting up to be a similar step up in growth,” he said.

With the rumored release of new phones, a supercycle is expected. A supercycle, according to Munster, as upgrades by 10 percent or more of the current iPhone users with the market in Asia is likely to have the “biggest jump” as Asians, most of whom have single-device, “love big iPhones.”

The company has kept mum on the rumored new iPhones and its features. Based on the specifications from suppliers of Apple, here are some of the features iPhones customers must look forward to.


The iPhone 11’s body has the size of the iPhone 8 Plus but its screen is bigger by an inch. It could be easily labeled as a phablet but insiders believe Apple will not use the term popularized by Samsung.

Bigger screen size is designed perhaps with business users in mind. Owning the biggest ever smartphone is like having a small tablet that gives the business users the freedom to write emails and keeping tab of their spreadsheets while on the go.

The screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 is another feature that will make the new iPhone 1 attractive. Images displayed on the big screen could be as sharp as that of iPhone X. The same expensive OLED technology is still considered to be used.

Security Feature, Color, iOS

The larger version will retain the Face ID scanner to unlock the device and make payments. It is said to utilize A12 processors with its edges in stainless steel.

To have gold as the color of the new phone is an important consideration since it will be targeting the Asian market. The gold color is attractive to consumers in Asia but, still, Apple may not proceed with the color because of possible production problems.

Aside from the planned E-SIM technology, doing away with card swapping for business people traveling in multiple countries, the new iPhone 11 will have iOS 12 as its operating system. Other features include improved augmented reality capabilities, integration of Siri digital assistant, virtual health monitor, among others.

While developing iPhone 11, Apple had also scheduled the release of a less expensive model. The company is clearly targeting the bigger market size of users who crave for iPhones at an affordable price.

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