Best Torrent Sites To Check Out This Month

Jasper Valdez
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The internet is home to numerous things. From websites to blogs, down to music, images, games, and movies. For many, the latter is what they’re after – mostly to quench their need for constant entertainment on-the-go and fast.

When talks of these things pop up in conversations, one thing that stands out is the topic of torrent sites. These sites are a haven of sorts for those who’re on the lookout for both old and new media – encompassing various genres and themes. Now, as we said, the internet is a big space of interconnected webs – sifting through all of that is a waste of valuable data. That’s why, we took it upon ourselves to list down all of the best torrent sites you can find on the interwebs -complete with everything you’re looking for and more.

Kickass Torrents

First on the list is Kickass Torrents. As we all know, a few years back the torrent hotspot ceased operations due to its owner being arrested.

However, it seems like the legend is making a resurgence online and, again, building itself up from the ground up. So far, it’s been living up to expectations and has been providing accurate and relevant content for its users. It’s a go-to place for those looking for a quick way to download current media files but for dated content, it’s really not that reliable – it still lacks the vast library of data it once held. You can access Kickass Torrents through their official channel at


RARBG has been around for quite a long time now. In fact, it’s one of the earliest torrent sites to ever be built. In that regard, you can rest assured that RARBG will be able to provide you with content from the not-so-distant past and in the present.

Another interesting feature RARBG has is that it offers users a preview of its content, making it much easier to discern what works best for you. If you’re interested in visiting the site, you can access it through


For movie buffs, YTS has been the most reliable place on the internet. It’s a torrent site that caters solely to movie content. Although the original website has been taken down for a few years now, some dedicated individuals managed to salvage the torrent site.

What makes YTS standout from other movie-centered torrent sites is that it boasts of a large library of movies. From the 80s to the 90s and some even from the 60s and 70s – YTS has it all covered. Aside from this, they also put emphasis on creating a synopsis for each film, which is a great help if you’re a picky viewer. You can access the new website through


Essentially, Torrentz2 isn’t a hosting site. It’s work tips more on the curating and indexing of torrents from different torrent websites. Like others on the list, this website is just a clone of the original ‘,’ but even though that’s the case, it’s a more refined and improved version.

If you’re having a hard time looking for content, then this is probably your best bet. Torrentz2 collects all relevant content from every torrent site there is and lists it all down. After that, you can just scroll down and pick what suits your taste the best and it automatically redirects you to the torrent website the content is hosted at. You can check out their search engine through here

If you’re wondering why The Pirate Bay isn’t included in this list, it’s because the website is currently experiencing downtime.  No one knows how long this will take place, but hopefully, it will get back up soon. For now, you can try out these websites.

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