Best Foldable Smartphones You Can Expect This Year: Surface Phone, Galaxy X and More

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iPhone was launched in 2007. The design of the smartphones hasn’t changed much since then. However, smartphone lovers will soon see a huge change in phone design with the advent of foldable smartphones as they are known now.

When it comes to smartphone designs, it was only Samsung who dared to come up with a curved edge display when it launched its Galaxy Note Edge gadget to differ from the usual slim, rectangular design. The foldable phones with bendable screens that help to fold right in half, is all set to create ripples in the smartphone industry.

Listed below are the top Foldable Phones that are expected to hit the smartphone market in 2018:

Samsung Galaxy X

Leaks emerging suggest that Korean company Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone called Galaxy X. The said phone is rumored to be launched in February 2019 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 trade show.
The foldable phone was earlier showcased at CES in January. At the time, it had three 3.5-inch OLED displays with a fold-in design. One of the three screens is on the outside of the device. Moreover, there are two displays on the inside.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Though we all know that Microsoft has stopped making phones long ago, rumors are rife that the company is indeed planning on a Surface Phone.

The rumors are owing to a recent patent application by Microsoft that goes to hint that the firm might be planning on a rumored foldable Surface Phone.

Bendy Hybrid Foldable Phone by LG

LG, yet another Korean phone company is joining the firms who are planning the design of the foldable phone. This device is intended to give competition to its rival, Samsung, who will launch its foldable Galaxy X phone.
Recently revealed LG patent, that was filed in July 2017 read:

“This is a design for a mobile phone with a flexible display, which can be folded in half.”

Even though the patent images showcases a huge tablet gadget with a back that is hinged, it had no fold in the center of the screen. Other pictures show the gadget folding down into a smartphone-sized shape. In fact, in one of the pictures, it folded inwards (similar to a book).

Another image also showed the screen folding outwards, showing off a display on the back as well as the front of the smartphone.


Apple’s Foldable iPhone

Not to be left alone, smartphone market leader Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone that is foldable and bends right in the middle. The device is expected to hit the market in 2020. No confirmation has come from Apple so far, and so this remains nothing more than a rumor.

Huawei Folding Smartphone

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone brand (third-biggest maker of phones in the world) is said to launch its foldable phone sooner than its rivals – Apple, LG, and Samsung. The company is working on a foldable smartphone that folds out into a complete tablet, without the middle hinge that separates the two screens.

We do not know as yet how much of this is true, and which Foldable Phone will hit the market first. However, smartphone lovers can be assured of variety as they can choose from the best.

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