Sony PlayStation 4 has been the best-selling console because it has a smattering of games that users can’t play somewhere else. With that, here are some best games for the most popular gaming device.

Horizon Zero Dawn

After making Killzone since 2004, the developer Guerrilla Games bowled over with its first open-world RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn. In this video game for PlayStation 4, the user is the outcast and motherless Aloy searching for answers about her past and the world she and her tribe live in.

It’s a world where machinelike, quasi-headless brachiosaurs lumber through primitive forests and motorized raptor-and-saber-toothed-tiger who wants to devour you. The Horizon Zero Dawn’s chronic sense of mystery and its enormous open world will keep users busy for a long period of time. Just in case the base game isn’t sufficient, Sony launched an expansion not long ago that takes Aloy to new zones and acquaint with new adversaries.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

With the Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog utilized all the things it has learned about character development and narrative delivery from its foregoing game, The Last of US. The developer has applied it to treasure hunter Nathan Drake’s hypothetically final tale. The four adventures in the crew’s past adventures have stressed or strengthened their relationships.

Nate isn’t relatively such a wisecrack any longer and desires dad jokes to one-liners. Meanwhile, Elena, his wife would rather spend a night playing Crash Bandicoot on the couch than deflect zombies on a Nazi U-boat concealed in the jungle. Just in case this is your first time to play Uncharted, you might not pick up on some of the fan packages. But then, the continuously changing set pieces, puzzles, and scenery should be more than enough to get you over to the conclusion part.

Until Dawn

The Until Dawn for PlayStation 4 features teenagers shipwrecked in a remote cabin while something terrifies them. This isn’t a usual game since it’s an interactive movie where you lead a group of the oldest teenagers you’ve ever seen from one gleaming object to the next to progress the story.

You’ll also have to make dialogue choices along the way, press buttons in time with prompts onscreen and, if you aren’t cautious, you’ll kill a handful of the teenagers by spoiling the said button prompts in the heat of the instant. But rather than becoming a junky type trope-fest, it feels candid and intense.


Bloodborne for PlayStation 4 is set with dragons and golems, wherein you will explore an indefinitely steampunk Londonesque town. You’ll also fight off dreadful beasts like werewolves, witches, and infested boars. One or two false moves in the sequence of battle with these creatures will do you in, and there’s a strong highlighting on learning their attack outlines. The outcome, when you finally dispatch an enemy, be it your first or your 45th, is a sense of achievement few other games can counterpart. Despite this, you must prepare to die a lot along the way.

Persona 5

JRPG Persona 5 feels like a trip camouflaged as a video game. Neighborhoods are full of life with karaoke bars, arcades, and saunas, all pleading to be explored. There’s the social element of just hanging out and having a chat with your friends, or going steady. But then, all of this tie back into the game’s dungeon crawling; the relationships you form convey benefits when you’re combating enemies in the game’s alternative universe.

It’s intensely considered and implemented, addressing rough themes like sexual attack and youth suicide with the severity they are worthy of. Lastly, this game’s flashy and wildly inventive soundtrack will attract you.

Apart from the aforementioned video games for PlayStation 4, The Last Guardian, Journey HD, The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt, Nier: Automata, Resogun and Night in the Woods also made it to best games for this popular console.

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