Three Best Android Torrent Downloaders for 2018 – Features and User Reviews

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Torrent is known for its excellent quality and quantity of files that are available for downloading. It provides the best and fastest downloading links, especially when it comes to the latest movies, TV episodes and other different types of files.

Even though the chances of piracy in torrent are very high, the legal reasons justifying the use of torrents is very high. It includes Linux ISOs, general sharing of files, and many other things. Few artists and professionals choose to distribute their work through torrents since it helps them to reach a wider audience. Below are three best torrent apps and torrent downloaders for android mobiles that you can use in 2018. Listed are its features and also reviews and user experience to help you decide what is best for your need.

Flud Torrent Downloader – Features and Uses

Flud, from Delphi Softwares, has a clean user-interface with absolutely no particular speed limits on downloads and uploads. It is an amazing BitTorrent client for Android and is absolutely free. The paid version helps users to remove advertisements. It is also possible to customize the interface with light or dark. The storage location can also be selected.

Using the Flud torrent downloader, one can now easily share files using your phone or tablet. Apart from the ability to select the specific files to be downloaded, one can also specify file and folder priorities.

Adding torrent from files is easy as it gives you the flexibility to stop, pause and restart the download at any point. It is also easy to move files while downloading. Moreover, Flud torrent downloader supports various protocols such as DTH, uTP, UPnP, PeX, and RSS feed.

If this is not enough to impress you, Flud-torrent downloader also assists in sequentially downloading files in WiFi mode. It has encryption, proxy, and IP filtering support.

Reviews and User Experience

Here are the positive reviews from few customers who have enjoyed using Flud torrent downloader on

1) Flud torrent downloader aids in downloading movies like uTorrent app. This app can download all links to torrent and magnet. Movies can be watched with good clarity.
2) User-friendly app. All that is needed is to search links in the browser and click the link.
3) Simple designing which is good and simple.
4) Consumes less space in the memory.
5) Faster in comparison to other clients, mainly BitTorrent.

BitTorrent- Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent is the official Android torrent client which is serviced by BitTorrent. The app is similar to the uTorrent app and has no downloads size limit or download speed. Configuring the upload and downloading limits in the settings can be done if required. BitTorrent is an uTorrent alternative which is simple with a user-friendly interface which helps you to search for any torrent files to download.

BitTorrent downloader comes with an integrated music and video library. From this, you can access your phone’s media. With BitTorrent, one can select a download location and turn on WiFi-only mode. This app also supports RSS subscriptions and magnet links.

In order to utilize additional features and ad removal, an upgrade to the pro-version is recommended.

BitTorrent – Reviews and User Experience

User experience from BitTorrent is listed below:

1) It is good for any type of movies download
2) Easy to use – user-friendly
3) Fast and low weight software

uTorrent- Torrent Downloader

uTorrent is the best of all the torrent apps for Android and has more than 100 million downloads. Downloading multiple files and playing them all together at one time is possible. uTorrent has an integrated media library and a media player which enables it to play music and video files.

uTorrent enables to share files such as photos, and videos. Just like other torrent downloaders, uTorrent is free but contains advertisements. The upgraded version comes without ads.

uTorrent – Reviews and User Experience

• It is a relatively small setup file (~3 MB)
• uTorrent can create your own .torrent file
• uTorrent can be installed on Android mobile devices
• It works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
• Automatically download torrents from an RSS feed

• uTorrent has too many advertisements
• This app cannot search for new torrents from inside the program, but must instead use an Internet browser
• This app tries to install other software during setup
The other useful and free torrents that you can use without getting into legal hassle includes tTorrent Lite, zetaTorrent, aTorrent, TorrDroid, FrostWire, and FuTorrent among others

We have also listed for you 10 Best Pirate Bay Torrent Alternatives right here.

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