Before Season Finale: Another Hint On The Horizon For GOT Fans

Purnima Gupta
5:23 PM

Looks like GOT (Game of Thrones) fans will not get a breather until the finale is over! Spoilers are getting dropped one after another. As the fans already know that the finale season is under production and will hit the screens by 2019.

In an interview with Tom Wlaschiha, he is skeptical about the name of the killer of the Night King, biggest villain of the Westeros. Speculations are rife about the potential characters who can kill the night king- Arya stark, Jon snow or the most unlikely character of the show, jaqen h’ghar (Wlaschiha, himself). Yes, you heard it right as the latest GOT (Game of Thrones) spoilers.

Wlaschiha who plays Jaqen H’Ghar in the action drama series, the Game of Thrones stated that the killing of the Night King will be a big event. While the killer will be revealed at the right time! We all know that the wights and the White Walkers can be attacked by Dragonglass and Valyiran steel. It would be exciting for fans to see which weapons can kill the biggest villain in the series, the Night King.

Wlaschiha also mentioned that it makes him feel great to know fan excitement to see the show’s ending. Though there are multiple bases which can be speculated upon in GOT (Game of Thrones). But, the ending of the show should on priority at present. Apart from this, Wlaschiha praised the role played by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) in the super hit and one of the most successful series – GOT (Game of Thrones).

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