Is Barbie Feet Pose The Latest Fad On Instagram, Let’s Find Out

Purnima Gupta
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Barbie dolls have always been a rage among little girls. So, you must be wondering what’s the real deal with the term “Barbie Feet”, clueless? Let us provide you the clarity on this one.

Barbie feet is a fashion pose which makes it look like as if someone is wearing heels. It is a huge hit on Instagram and trending this season among models, celebrities, and even common people. You can attempt the Barbie Feet pose by simply extending your legs, pointing the feet and standing on the toes while keeping your ankle in the air.

All the celebrities like the Kardashians and models like Elsa & Chanliman can be seen busy promoting this pose across Instagram. Here are the pictures directly from their Insta handle for you to check out.

kamp kourtndall

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As we said earlier, Barbie feet is directly inspired by the Barbie dolls wearing heels. It gives a new high to models who want to look classy and taller without wearing heels.

The pose has been named by Who What Wear website which offers content on latest fashion trends and fads. Among the fashion followers, we believe that Barbie Feet is going to be a massive hit. Shifting the focus away from the bold pouts seems like Barbie Feet will rule the fashion circuits. And it is going to stay for the long while. So, are you ready to do your own Barbie Feet pose in your next Insta upload? Do let us know in the comments below.

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