Autel’s Portable Drone Evo – Will it Prove to be a Competitor to DJI Drones?

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Autel showed off their all new drone Evo, which was a 4K 60 fps foldable quadcopter at CES in January 2018. The Evo drone was expected to give tough competition to the DJI Mavic Pro. While many experts were of the opinion that Evo is not the best in any way, its features would definitely have given a stiff competition to DJI. Unfortunately, Autel could not affect DJI until now since the company has launched Mavic Air even before Evo could even make an entry. There are now rumors of DJI working on Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 5.

Timing is very critical when it comes to drones and DJI is taking advantage of that. Companies that launch drones similar to older DJI products get outdated faster. Does Autel’s Drone Evo have the ability to compete with DJI’s new drones, and when exactly will it make its entry? Here are all details that you would like to know about Autel Evo from its features to release date, cost, and its negative and positive aspects.

Autel Evo Pricing

According to B&H Photo, Autel Evo’s pre-order is priced at $999.

What Does Evo’s Delay mean in the Drone World?

This is one of the questions that all drone lovers have in mind. Autel’s delay in launching drone Evo gives DJI the opportunity to create new technologies for the new drones that it plans to launch. Evo’s future does not look too bright since DJI might choose to lower the rate of Mavic Pro and release a trailer for its new drones.

Drone Evo – Specifications and Features

Evo has a 3-axis motorized gimbal, along with a transmitter range which is rated at 4.4 miles along with a portable design. Evo could have made a grand entry into the consumer drone market. Unfortunately, even after five months, Evo has still not made it to the market.

Talking about the positive aspects, Autel’s drone Evo is meant to be the fastest foldable drone. With a speed of 44.7 mph, which is pretty good, Evo has an operating frequency that is not available on DJI drones. This makes it capable of flying to distances up to 4.3 miles with very little interference.

Autel drone’s safety features like computer vision cameras and obstacle avoidance make it a pretty interesting drone. The 3.3-inch OLED screen is what the controller is all about. The device can work very well for up to 3 hours.

According to rumors, Autel’s drone Evo will come with three different camera options (360-degree camera, 1” sensor and a 1 /2.3” sensor). The new drone will weigh 863-gram.

Since DJI is now ruling the consumer drone market, it would be good to see Autel’s Evo drone make its mark in the market. However, the Company cannot afford to further delay it since it won’t be able to stand on its own as new drones with better technology enter the scenario.

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