Autel EVO’s Impact In The Drone Industry: News, Features and Specs

Ronald Balondo
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The highly touted Autel EVO drone from Autel Robotics was unveiled to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The hype should be through the roof now that the company’s website is now accepting purchases for the EVO.

Now available with a price tag of $999, this drone proved that it is one of the best in the class. Because of the public’s response, the drone is basically gone out of stock in some stores and other sellers are saying that the company only just provided them a limited number of units because of the consumers’ demand for the drone and the company’s stock issues.

Auto Robotics’s aims for the top of the drone race and this is imminent on the listed specs of the EVO. The closest comparison for the new drone would be the combination of DJI’s Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro that fuses both strengths of the two model.

Autel Evo is lightweight and portable because of the foldable makeup of its component, like the Mavic Pro. On the other hand, it features superior image quality comparable to the Phantom 4 unit which features better frame rate and bit rates.

The compact design allows the user to travel with the drone in a more convenient way. The foldable design from its propeller and body gives the user enough room to fit the machine in a small compartment. Though, slightly bigger compared to other folding drones out there, it packs great power compared to its rivals.

Autel said that EVO can fly up to 30 minutes which is a remarkable feat in the drone industry. The drone also gives the user a speed of up to 44.7 miles per hour with the Sports mode, which is one of the fastest in the market.

Camera-wise, it can capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second and also can capture 1080p videos at 120 frames per second which is comparable with the Phantom 4 Pro from DJI. The camera also gives the user 12-megapixel still images that uses real-glass optics and Ambarella H2 image sensor for recording more dynamic range in every shot.

Autel Evo is built on a specialized 3-axis gimbal that allows maneuverability and helps the camera to record stunning images. The wide-angle perspective that allows the user to have a 94° field-of-view is always a good addition for your arsenal.

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