ARM-Powered MacBook Release Expected In 2020; Apple Purportedly Recruiting Intel Engineers For The Project

Maricris Jose
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Apple is rumored to launch an ARM-powered MacBook in 2020. This speculation has been supported by recent reports stating that the Cupertino-based tech company is recruiting Intel engineers for the said project.

According to the Cult of Mac, Apple is silently robbing researchers and engineers from Intel for its new engineering lab situated in Washington County, Oregon. This is because the Cupertino-based company is allegedly working on an ARM-powered MacBook.

It can be recalled that Apple already designed its own chipset for iOS, and was able to accomplish it as the company launch the A4 chip in 2013. Its control over both software and hardware lets allows its iOS devices to offer performance that is unmatched by Android-powered competitors.

With that being said, it is really unsurprising that the rumor mill specifies that Apple is also working hard to design its own chips for its MacBook 2018 line. In fact, it appears that this is already happening in Oregon.

The Oregonian has learned that Apple has a secret in the Washington County. It is also particularized that the Silicon Valley firm has employed almost two-dozen people in a hardware engineering laboratory there, looting Intel and other Oregon tech firms for an assortment of roles.

The Cupertino-based tech company’s plans were leaked by job postings, social media profiles ratifying that former Intel employees are now employed with Apple, and a separate familiar with the firm’s recruiting efforts. Nevertheless, it’s not completely clear how many people are working at the said facility, or on what project they’re working on. It could be possibly the ARM-based MacBook but this detail must be taken with skepticism as it’s not yet confirmed.

In a separate report, there have been rumors stating that Apple could also be working on an ARM-based hybrid notebook with touchscreen abilities. But then, this seems to be unlikely since the company’s Senior Vice President of product marketing, Phil Schiller stated that Apple will not utilize the touchscreen feature on its notebook roster sometime soon.

As to what Apple is working on its Oregon lab is still unknown, but more details are expected to arrive soon. So, do you think Apple is already working on an ARM-based MacBook or maybe an ARM-based hybrid notebook? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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