ARKit 2 Features Hints That Apple Glasses Will Soon be Unveiled

Ruby Balagso
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While no recent development has been heard about Apple’s Augmented Reality headset, the latest indication pertaining to the Apple Glasses turned up during the ARKit 2’s announcement in the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Those who do not have any iOS 12 beta access might have missed Apple’s AR (augmented reality) improvements. But Apple has not ceased from enhancing its AR competencies, and in relation to this, new tweets from Harley Turan divulged several remarkable aspects of the ARKit 2. According to Turan, ARKit 2’s tracking capacities are absurd; he likewise added that the augmented reality web browsing is a feature that is intended for the Apple Glasses or the AR headset.

Previous reports and rumors surfaced that Apple has indeed invested in an augmented reality gadget. The most recent leaks said that the high-tech California based company has already consented to construct headsets in partnership with one of its suppliers.

Other reports have it that a supplier connected to Apple has made an agreement with an AR components manufacturer. In connection to this, another rumor implied that executives from Apple had a meeting with an AR components supplier during the 2018 CES.

CNET likewise reported last April that Apple is developing an AR/VR headset that will particularly come out as a Mixed Reality headset. Leaks likewise gave clues that Apple preparing an 8K display for its Apple Glasses giving it a higher resolution compared to the best TVs that are currently in the market.

Reliable Bloomberg gave reports that mentioned Apple insiders hinted that the company is developing an autonomous augmented reality gadget that will be equipped with its very own operating system. The said OS that will fuel the Apple Glasses is projected to have its own ecosystem apps including an App store.

The above-mentioned operating system indicates that the gadget will not be reliant on the presence of an iPhone. In layman’s terms – Apple is making a headset that can be considered as more of an alternative instead of just a wearable accessory.

Relative to all the above, Apple’s ARKit that has the iOS 11 and which was introduced in 2017, sustains app developers who work on the gadget’s camera by scanning environment images and objects including setting 3d models in real space, making everything blend in. Simply, the ARKit works on three significant aspects, which are tracking, scene understanding, and rendering.

Apple’s AR concept has the capability that enables users to return to where they have left off. A concrete example is an art project that entails weeks of work where the user can come back and continue working on the precise spot where he or she has last ended.

The ARKit 2 likewise offers a shared experience on the iPad and iPhone where the enhanced platform will permit several users to play games or do projects together by making use of different iOS devices. In addition, ARKit 2 permits the reflection of the real world to overlap into the augmented reality objects for a more realistic outlook on the virtual and real worlds from the user’s viewpoint.

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