ARCore App Reveals Unreleased Smartphones (Nokia 9, Oneplus 6T, etc.) On Its Support List

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Just recently, Google updated its ARCore app at Play Store. What’s quite interesting about the app is that it now supports certain mobile devices that are yet to be released such as the OnePlus 6T and Nokia 9.

But First… What Is The ARCore App?

According to its product listing page at Play Store, this app is Google’s platform for building augmented-reality experiences. It has a rating score of 4.2/5.0 which was rated by 5,889 users, and requires Android 7.0 and above to operate.

It was recently updated last September 24, 2018, and now supports pass-through camera auto-focus and additional image resolutions for computer vision. Aside from that, its plane-detection speed has been improved.

What Smartphones Does It Support?

With the recent update, the number of phones which this app supports have been added as well. But what’s interesting is that some of the devices are yet to be announced, let alone released.


  • Phoenix [PNX_sprout]
  • Nokia 9 [AOP_sprout]
  • CTL_sprout


  • One Plus 6T [OnePlus6T]


  • Razer Phone [Cheryl]


  • ROG Phone [ASUS_Z01QD_1]


  • P20 Lite [HWANE]
  • Mate 10 Pro [HWBLA]
  • unknown [HWJKM-H]
  • unknown [HWLYA]


  • Galaxy Note 9 [SCV40, SCV40_jp_kdi, SC-01L]
  • Galaxy Tab S3 [gts3llte, gts3lltechn, gts3lltekx, gts3llteusc, gts3lltevzw, gts3lwifi, gts3lwifichn]
  • Galaxy J5 [j5y17lte, j5y17ltektt, j5y17ltelgt, j5y17lteskt]
  • Galaxy J5 Pro [j5y17ltedx, j5y17ltextc]
  • Galaxy J7 [j7y17lte]
  • Galaxy J7 (2017) [j7y17ltektt]


  • Xperia X [suzu, F5121, F5122]


  • V1809A [PD1809]
  • Vivo NEX B [PD1806B]
  • Vivo X21i [k71v1_64_bsp]

As you can see, there are some phone names on the list that aren’t yet available in the market such as the Phoenix, Nokia 9 and OnePlus 6T. There are also unknown devices such as [HWJKM-H] and [HWLYA] from Huawei, and CTL_sprout from Nokia.

Furthermore, there’s also the Vivo NEX B [PD1806B]. We do know that there was a Vivo NEX A and NEX S announced and released back in June. As for this “B” version, we haven’t heard anything of this device. Is it perhaps a new and upcoming smartphone?

Have you tried using the ARCore app? How was it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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