What Apple's MacBook Pro 2018 Needs To Have

Ronald Balondo
5:11 PM

The bar is high for Apple to deliver a breath-taking version of the MacBook Pro 2018. With all the controversies that happened to its predecessors, the company needs a whopping comeback for redemption.

Almost two years have passed since the last refresh in the MacBook Pro line happened. With controversial Touch Bar version, it was probably the talk of the year during that time. In addition to that, there were some keyboard issues that appeared in the Mac community.

During the time of the release of the previous model, the company got a hefty amount of time to come up with something. Probably they have addressed certain issues that appeared in the previous release and hopefully make some improvements in the overall MacBook line.

A recent benchmark result showed up right before the WWDC 2018 event that featured a 6-core Intel Coffee Lake processor. This provided a huge rumor run in the whole electronic world and some suggest that this might be the MacBook that will be unveiled during the conference.

The WWDC usually is the place where new MacBook lines and other Apple products got in introduced to the public. This is also the place where the public first met almost all of the iconic Apple devices like the iPads and the Mac computers.

However, at the 2018 event, the company didn’t. In fact, there was no hardware introduction that happened last June and this left many Mac users and enthusiasts with a big worry. Many are wondering what is the current status or if they would see any new installments to the Mac series.

With this in mind, one last ray of hope still remain to all Apple fans and this is the iPhone event that usually held before the end of the year. This might be the biggest surprise from the company since they haven’t mentioned any new installments in their hardware last June which is very unusual. 

The company did a good job keeping some of the vital information sealed up to the public. Currently, there are only speculations and a tiny bit of information that is known in the community but based on the previous releases from Apple, price-wise, we can assume that it would be at around the same price tag as the previous MacBooks Pros.

Safe to say it could be a little over but to give you a better perspective, people who are looking to get the new MacBook Pro 2018 or other Mac computer this September should at least prepare close to what the past price was. It would also be wise if we save up a little bit more in case we need a buffer.

With a two-year preparation, MacBook Pro 2018 should have a longer battery life compared to its predecessors. The first batch of MacBooks was known to be a powerhouse in terms of battery life but in the recent models, it seems like there were some struggles somewhere that cause the battery to drain faster.

Processor-wise, it is understandable that Apple will use the most recent and the most powerful processor that is currently available in the market. Also, with the current trends in the most of the apps today, it only makes sense if they will add more RAM to their MacBook Pro units.

Hopefully, Apple will start to pick up their acts together and deliver us great MacBook Pro lines once again. Consumers don’t need to get groundbreaking innovations but rather, a useful feature that is suited for the current needs.

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