Apple's Current Mac Pro Is Now 5 Years Old, When Can We Expect The Mac Pro 2019?

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It’s been five years now since Apple’s released its second generation Mac Pro. Given that 2019 is fast approaching, will the Cupertino-based tech company finally update it next year? If yes, what month is the Mac Pro 2019 expected to launch?

Is There A New Mac Pro Coming In 2019?

Yes, there is a Mac Pro 2019. In fact, it has been confirmed by the people from Apple.

Back in April of 2017, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said, “We’re in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro.”  This led to reports believe that a new Mac Pro was on its way in 2018.

However, the following year and in the same month, Apple’s Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Tom Boger said, “We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product,” and added, “It’s not something for this year.

Although Tom Boger revealed that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product, he didn’t say what month.

So What Month Can We Expect It To Come?

The last time Apple updated the Mac Pro was way back in 2013. The company announced the second generation Mac Pro on June 10, 2013, during WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) and then released it on December 19, 2013, with a starting price of $2,999.

So basically, we’re more or less expecting the 2019 Mac Pro to be announced in June 2019 at WWDC and then released some time in December.

However, looking back at the 2018 WWDC event, there might be a chance that Apple won’t announce the new Mac Pro at the 2019 WWDC.

As you may remember, the 2018 WWDC was heavily focused on software. Apple talked about the iOS 12’s features, ARKit 2.0, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and others.

Hopefully, the 2019 WWDC won’t be the same as the 2018 WWDC. But if it will be, it would be nice if Apple would do a surprise release on a much earlier date, because hey, it’s been 5 years since the Mac Pro has been updated.

But what do you think? Will there really be a new Mac Pro next year? If yes, what month do you think the Mac Pro 2019 will be released? Tell us in the comment section below.


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