Apple's Compact Computer, Mac Mini Returns This 2018

Ronald Balondo
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The return of the Mac Mini is one of the most talked about things from Apple in the past few years. Since we haven’t seen any significant updates from the company about their famous compact computer, many consumers are wondering if the Mac Mini line is already out of office. However, many fans are optimistic about the return of one of the best compact computer from Apple.

This 2018, we might have a treat from the company and might give us a first-hand look at the revival of the Mac Mini 2. A few years ago, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer, made sure that Mac mini supporters will have their fair share and provided a huge promise that the minicomputer will return to the lineup.

Coming from the company’s CEO itself, many got baffled since there was no news from any Apple hardware in the recent WWDC and this shocked many consumers. However, the year is still up and long-time Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that this fall will be the right time where the famed Mac Mini will make its comeback.

The fall timeframe that Kuo mentioned will not only be specific for the Mac Mini 2018 but also for other Mac computers. This means that a new breed of Macs will hit the stores before the end of this year. We can also take into consideration that Apple considers a surprise treat like what they did with the MacBook Pro 2018.

Although the tech company still haven’t provided any concrete details about the release of the Mac Mini 2018, many suggest that it will become available before the end of 2018 and it might come to us as early as November. As we recall, the latest Mac Mini was released in Mid October 2014 so it might also be possible that we might get the same release. However, the October release is very slim but we’ll never know really since Apple is known to make a huge surprise.

This speculation is made around the community since the company hasn’t provided any solid details about their future plans. The company officials are doing a great job not spilling out significant details to the public about their plans and their future works.

For now, we can safely assume that the possible price of the Mac Mini will be coming from speculations since there were not enough details to work with. Given the technology and the advancements we had since the last update from the line, we can get a picture that it will be close to the price tag that we got from the previous models. However, with the current rumors that Apple is working on cheaper MacBook models, this may also lead to a cheaper Mac Mini 2018. Previous variants of the entry-level Mac Mini would be at $499 at the date of its launch last 2014 while the mid-range model costs $699 and the top of the line Mac Mini 2 would be at $999.

Probably one of the most requested upgrades for the Mac Mini 2018 would be the internals. Currently, the components of the minicomputer feature an outdated 4th generation CPU. This marks a very strong point where the company needs to work on. An additional RAM would also be fitting to catch up against the competitors and it would be a huge boost from the previous 4GB to 8GB.  Hopefully, the company will stick to their promise that they did a few years ago. Many hopefuls are still considering Mac Mini as one of the major lines from the company and hopefully, Apple might be able to pull a trick in their sleeves.

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